Monday, April 30, 2012

Author Interview: Travis Thrasher

Hey guys! I'm thrilled to present to you one of my most favorite authors. Please welcome Travis Thrasher, author of "Ghost Writer", "The Solitary Tales", "Paper Angles", "Letters from War" and many many other awesome books, who was kind enough to give me an interview about his latest book "Temptation", book 3 of the Solitary Tales. I personally have only read the Solitary Tales, but honestly they're so good that I'm gonna have to make time for the other books as well. Please visit his site to see all the titles and learn more about him. Also he posts giveaways and free stuff events on there as well!!!

Hello, Travis! I'm absolutely honored to have you here on my blog, answering my fan questions. You already have three books from the Solitary Tales out, and the fourth one is on its way. Can you describe the feeling you get looking back to the beginning of it all?

Some ideas seem to evolve slowly over time. But the idea for this series came at one sitting. I still remember it very clearly and I mapped out some of the story. Like many ideas, I thought it was a good idea if a publisher took a chance on it. As I wrote the first book and began to weave the mysteries and the backstory of Solitary, I began to think that I had something really special. I still do.

I do, too. So, which one of the books was the easiest to write and why?

I’d say book three, Temptation. After a mysterious beginning and then a darker second novel, I wanted to lighten things up. Because of this, it was fun to have Chris run the opposite direction and avoid things. Of course, this is short-lived. Soon things come crashing down on him.

I completely agree. We all have our moments of weakness and denial. Out of the three (or four?) books in the series, which one was your favorite? What/who made it be so?

My favorite is probably the fourth, even though I loved writing that first one. The first book, Solitary, is all about mysteries and secrets. I was discovering them as I went along. The fourth and final book, Hurt, is all about answers and resolutions. I love endings to my stories, so it was natural to like Hurt.

Oh, shucks! This makes me want to read Hurt even more! I'm dying for answers! So, I was wondering, is any of your characters based on a person you know from real life?

This is all my autobiography, didn’t you know that? No—seriously, Chris is obviously based a bit on me. There are certain characters that have similarities to real people in my life. But the more Chris’s world has evolved, the more those characters have become truly unique.

Nice sense of humor, but seriously - I hope you don't mean Chris is like you in his battle with the supernatural, 'cuz that would be umm... slightly weird.  Though it's kind of possible when you think about it.  Okay, since we started the topic, if you could get into the Solitary world, which character would you like to impersonate and why?

I mention that Chris is a lot like me, so the obvious answer would be Chris. But someone else would be Uncle Robert. I’d like to fill his shoes and make him the hero he ought to be.

Oooh, Uncle Robert! Good one! I hope we see more of him in Hurt. He's been so mysterious thus far. Which leads me to the next question. Which character was the hardest for you to portray?

That’s a good question. I’m not sure, to be honest. I think when you’re writing in a first person point of view, you’re so focused on that character (Chris). Jeremiah Marsh is a difficult person to sometimes convey because he is inconsistent. That’s just his character. At times, he seems truly evil. Then at times, you’re wondering if he actually wants good things for Chris. He’s complicated, so that was sometimes hard to convey accurately.

I was wondering about Pastor Marsh myself. I love tricky characters, so I can tell you - you did great with him! Well, there was this one character that stunned me beyond belief, and in case you're wondering I'm talking about Aunt Alice. Could you tell us something more about this special lady? How she came to exist in your world?

I guess it’s just my demented imagination. When I first wrote Solitary, I wanted to add something totally crazy, so here came Aunt Alice and her mannequins. But like everything in Solitary, she has a purpose and a backstory. A rather important backstory, too. (I actually just got goosebumps writing that—I’m not lying). See—you can tell I kinda like this series!

I love this series! I can't wait to read about Aunt Alice and her crazy story!And in the end, I'd love to have a little sneak peak into your fourth book in this series (which I also hear is the last one).  What is one of your favorite lines from Hurt that you're willing to share?

Hurt ends the story of Chris & Solitary. I love how it ends. I looked over the last ten chapters trying to find a line to share—there are many, many lines that I dearly love. But some give away too much. I found this one which is vague but has a lot of meaning to me, on a personal level as well as in terms of the story:

          I want to take the silent nights when I look up at the stars and do something with them.

Wow! It sounds so melancholic, and sparkly at the same time! I can only say one thing -thank you so much for doing this interview!!!

Thanks for having me! Appreciate your support and enthusiasm for The Solitary Tales. Hope you enjoy Hurt!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Book Review: "Emerald City" by Alicia K. Leppert

Emerald City
Note: I received this book from Netgalley.

Speechless. That's how I feel after finishing this brilliant work of prose. I'd gladly give it six stars out of the five I'm allowed to give because it stirred my soul on such a deep level, I can't even begin to describe it.

At first, I thought it'd turn out to be something like A city of angels, but it wasn't. The story was unique in its own way. And it was so well developed, that it had me clinging to every single word, like it was the air I needed to breathe. Honestly, I haven't read such an emotional book in a very long time. I'm sure Emerald City will stay with me for a while, just like I'm sure that I'll be re-reading it sometime soon.

I must say that I was intrigued from the very first page... (more)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Books to Movies: Three Steps Above Heaven

Okay, so this one isn't a new movie. It was made in 2010, but I bet that not many of you have heard of it. Truth is, I only heard of it (and watched it) this week. On Cinemax no less! But, it was such an enigmatic movie, I fell in love with it and thought I'd share it with all you lovers of bad boys with bad behavior who just make your knees wobble. 

Movie name: Three Steps Above Heaven / Three Meters Above the Sky
Original title: 3 Metros Sobre El Cielo
Book written by: Federico Moccia
Starring: Hot guy, a.k.a Hache/Hugo: Mario Casas. Just look at the pictures below and tell me he ain't hot... I dare you!
Filmed in: Spanish
Storyline: Hache has gone through some trauma in his life, which he can't seem to overcome. He's turned from obedient son to a bad motorcycle boy who crushes every girl's heart. And now he's got his target on rich girl Babi, and he's sure he'll make her fall for him by the time of his court hearing...
Sequel: coming out in July 2012!!!

And here's the trailer:

Friday, April 27, 2012

Follow Friday #14


Follow Me Friday is a book meme hosted by Parajunkee's View and Alison Can Read. #FF is a blog hop that expands your blog following by a joint effort between bloggers. In order to join in the fun, all you need is well . . . A book blog :)

The question this week is:

Have you ever had a character that disappointed you? One that you fell in love with and then "broke up" later on, in either the series or stand-alone book. Tell us about him or her.

My answer:

  Hmm.. well this is a hard one. I even had to look thru my Goodreads book list! But alas, I couldn't find a book with such a character. Well, there is one who kind of disappointed me, but I don't really hate him. I love him even though he screwed up. So no way am I gonna break it off with him. 'Cuz I'm talking about Will Herondale from Cassie Clare's The Infernal Devices. Now, I know that you'd think me crazy. But hey, didn't he disappoint you when he was just a little bit late in his confession to Tessa? Didn't he disappoint you when he assumed that hey, he'd just ask James to give her up like she was a toy to be thrown around? He sure disappointed me. So yeah, that's my answer :)

What is yours?

Please leave links to your FF's, so I can stop by!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Book review: "My Fairytale Life" by Heather M. White

My Fairytale Life (Vampire Hunter Series, #1)

I received this book from the author, Heather White, in return for an honest review. Now, before I start writing my opinion, I have to say that this is a vampire book and I'm not much into such stories. Nevertheless, I try to keep myself open, so I thought I'd give it a try.

Well, I'd like to say that the book has got potential. It's got a pretty nice story about a vamp hunter with a tragic family history, who suddenly finds herself among good-hearted supernaturals. How can this be, right? Well, apparently it can. (more)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday #18


Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly blog post by Jill over at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights releases we're eagerly awaiting.

My pick this week is:

Title: The Evolution of Mara Dyer
Series: Mara Dyer, Book 2
Author: Michelle Hodkin
Release date: October 23rd, 2012

Two days after Mara walks into a police station in Miami at the close of The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, she is committed for psychiatric treatment for what her parents believe is a mental breakdown. But what seems like a hallucination to everyone else is a chilling reality for Mara. Someone from her past has discovered her strange, disturbing secret and that someone wants her to pay. But she's about to discover that the price is more than she can bear.

Dark and thrilling, suspenseful and passionate, The Evolution of Mara Dyer will have readers breathlessly turning pages to find out what will become of Mara Dyer next.

Why I want to read it:
Why????? That's quite obvious!!! Because Mara Dyer is one of my favorite suspense series and I want to see more of her and Noah. Besides, I've got no clue what's the limit of her powers, and I'd really really love to know :)

What are you waiting on this week?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

In her shoes ~ 8 ~

Every Tuesday I will pick a character I've read about recently, perhaps even the week before, and try putting myself in her shoes. What things would I do differently? What have I learned from her behavior? That kind of thing. You are welcome to participate if you want, just please link back, so we could build a nice community of followers. Thanks!!! :)

Question is, who to choose this week... A couple of female leads come to mind, but I'm gonna go with Mercy from the Cambion Series by Shannon Dermott. My review of the latest book in the series, Waiting for Mercy can be found here

So, who is Mercy? Well, she's not the average teenager, that's for sure. She's a half succubus with split personality. Her dark side, who goes by the name McKayla, is a lust demon whose only desire is to lure unsuspecting boys into mischief. Not that they'd mind, but still ;)

Anyway, I like Mercy's character. She's brave for a girl, yet isn't a kick a$$ heroine. She's not whiny, although sometimes she gets in those weird moods. The only thing about her that I don't like is her indecision. There are four boys in love with her, and she can't really decide which one of them she wants to be with. I find this a bit pathetic really, because two of the choices really aren't choices at all. Like Paul, who she obviously isn't in love with, but she still leads on for no reason. Then there's Luke the (fallen) angel, who's ready to give up everything to be with her without really thinking through the consequences. He's the one she loves and wants, though she can't really have him without feeling regret for it.
And then there are the two guys who'd be totally appropriate for her, who she almost ignores.  Almost, but not quite. Because there isn't a boy mentioned in this book that Mercy hasn't kissed, whether as herself or as McKayla. And while my heart belongs to Flynn (the gorgeous incubus that she lives in the same house with), hers is sort of undecided.
I feel like she loves Flynn, except she doesn't know about it yet. And she's holding back only because she thinks that he'd break her heart. I'm so curious of what would happen if the two of them ended up together.... I so wish they do!!!

So, what is your girl choice of the week?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Book review: "Waiting for Mercy" by Shannon Dermott

Waiting for Mercy (Cambion #2)
So, now that I'm back on track and my mind's actually functioning, I can sit down and write a good review of this awesome book. First of all, I want to say that I loved the character growth that I saw in this second installment of the Cambion Series. I was wondering if I would get to see my favorite characters mature. I did, and I am happy for it.

Secondly, I really loved the new info that was revealed concerning Mercy, though it wasn't nearly enough for my curiosity and thirst to be quenched. *sigh* Oh well, next book should do it!
And there was this one scene, the one on Valentine's day, which was so totally cheesy, I was laughing wholeheartedly while reading! I'm sure you all will enjoy this book! (more)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Books to Movies: "Breaking Dawn"

Well, well. I didn't think I'd feature this one, but hey, it might actually come out good. If they include a battle of some sort. Or something more interesting than talking, tears and the like. :) Ya'll know what I'm talking about LOL

So, here's some data:
Expected release date: November 16th, 2012
Current status: post production
Official trailer: so far only a teaser, which you can see below

For more information visit

Enjoy watching, and have an awesome weekend!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Follow Friday #13


Follow Me Friday is a book meme hosted by Parajunkee's View and Alison Can Read. #FF is a blog hop that expands your blog following by a joint effort between bloggers. In order to join in the fun, all you need is well . . . A book blog :)

The question this week is:

If you could have two fictional characters battle it out (preferably from books), who would they be and who do you think would win?

My answer:

  Hmmm, in truth I've never thought about this before. But now that the question is posed, I think I'd like to see Mara Dyer (from "The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer" by Michelle Hodkin) clash powers with Avary, the greed demon (from Rachel Vincent's "Soul Screamers"). This will be a very interesting battle, since we don't know the full extent of Mara's powers yet. We do know however, that whomever she wishes dead, dies. Well, true, Avary is a demon, and I'm not sure he can die, but I don't think he can kill her either. It's more likely that he'd try to tempt her with something, and she'd end him with a thought. Go Mara!

Who would you want to see in a battle?

Please leave links to your FF's, so I can stop by!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday #17


Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly blog post by Jill over at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights releases we're eagerly awaiting.

My pick this week is:

Series: Matched, Book3
Author: Ally Condie
Release date: November 13th, 2012

Cassia faces the ultimate choices in the long-anticipated conclusion to the New York Times bestselling Matched Trilogy

After leaving Society and desperately searching for the Rising—and each other—Cassia and Ky have found what they were looking for, but at the cost of losing each other yet again: Cassia has been assigned to work for the Rising from within Society, while Ky has been stationed outside its borders. But nothing is as predicted, and all too soon the veil lifts and things shift once again.

In this gripping conclusion to the #1 New York Times bestselling Matched Trilogy, Cassia will reconcile the difficulties of challenging a life too confining, seeking a freedom she never dreamed possible, and honoring a love she cannot live without.

Why I want to read it:
Because I really loved books 1 and 2. I saw Cassia grow up from a Society controlled teenager to a girl with own opinions, needs and wants. And Ky... well he grew up too. I've yet to see him become a responsible man, and I hope this third installment would be what I've been waiting for. And of course Xander. I want to see what happens with him too. He's holds a special place in my heart :)

What are you waiting on this week?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In her shoes ~7~

Every Tuesday I will pick a character I've read about recently, perhaps even the week before, and try putting myself in her shoes. What things would I do differently? What have I learned from her behavior? That kind of thing. You are welcome to participate if you want, just please link back, so we could build a nice community of followers. Thanks!!! :)

My heroine this week is a young lady by the name of Ruby Rose, leading female character in the book "Poison most vial" by Benedict Carey. My review of the story is available here.

So, what's so special about little Ms. Rose you ask? Her devotion to her family, for one, and her ability to analyze people and events with the eye of an investigator. Left only with her dad, she was fierce about protecting him from being wrongly accused in a murder. She was so determined to solve the case and prove her father innocent, that she dragged a bunch of kids and an old lady into the investigation process. With everyone's help behind her back, she plunged into the mystery, until she gathered the evidence she needed to expose the real murderer.

The girl was brave and somewhat reckless, but I liked that about her. She had guts to do what others couldn't. Sure, she could've gotten herself and her friends in loads of trouble, but that's what kids do. :)

Which heroine did you pick this week?

Book Reviews: "A poison most vial" by Benedict Carey

Poison Most Vial: A Mystery

I received this book to review from Netgalley. Here are my thoughts:

This is a middle grade book, and I know what you're gonna say, but honestly - the story is quite intriguing and really funny. It's got some awesome mystery, a murder case, and a great exploration adventure.

The only reason why I'm giving it this rating, is because the world building could've been more detailed. I mean, the whole time I was reading, I was wondering where the action was taking place. It felt like the States, but was it? It also had a tiny feel of dystopian, but again, I can't really tell. It seemed to be some sort of a closed community, somewhere. There apparently were different neighborhoods, and then everybody working at the university/school/lab lived in the same building (called the Terraces). Other than that, I don't know anything. I don't even know if anything else existed outside of this little village(or was it a town). (more)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Books to movies: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Right, so basically, this week I've picked the movie adaptation to the book "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter", by author Seth Grahame-Smith.
Here's the book information:

Indiana, 1818. Moonlight falls through the dense woods that surround a one-room cabin, where a nine-year-old Abraham Lincoln kneels at his suffering mother's bedside. She's been stricken with something the old-timers call "Milk Sickness."

"My baby boy..." she whispers before dying.

Only later will the grieving Abe learn that his mother's fatal affliction was actually the work of a vampire.

When the truth becomes known to young Lincoln, he writes in his journal, "henceforth my life shall be one of rigorous study and devotion. I shall become a master of mind and body. And this mastery shall have but one purpose..." Gifted with his legendary height, strength, and skill with an ax, Abe sets out on a path of vengeance that will lead him all the way to the White House.

While Abraham Lincoln is widely lauded for saving a Union and freeing millions of slaves, his valiant fight against the forces of the undead has remained in the shadows for hundreds of years. That is, until Seth Grahame-Smith stumbled upon The Secret Journal of Abraham Lincoln, and became the first living person to lay eyes on it in more than 140 years.

Using the journal as his guide and writing in the grand biographical style of Doris Kearns Goodwin and David McCullough, Seth has reconstructed the true life story of our greatest president for the first time-all while revealing the hidden history behind the Civil War and uncovering the role vampires played in the birth, growth, and near-death of our nation.

And here's what we know about the movie:

To be honest, I haven't read the book, but the prospect of seeing another Tim Burton movie is quite tempting. Besides, this author is known for quality humor. So how about it, guys? Ready to watch Abe hunt vamps? Heck yeah!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Follow Friday #12


Follow Me Friday is a book meme hosted by Parajunkee's View and Alison Can Read. #FF is a blog hop that expands your blog following by a joint effort between bloggers. In order to join in the fun, all you need is well . . . A book blog :)

The question this week is:

What is one book that you would be nervous to see a movie adaption of because you think the movie could never live up to the book?

My answer:

  That'd be the movie adaptation of The Mortal Instruments, by Cassandra Clare. Thing is, usually the best books aren't directed well, and the movie comes out as a horrible cheap production. TMI is an awesome series, and I'd hate to see it ruined on the big screen. I love the characters so much, that I've grown to think of them as almost real entities, you know? 

How about you? You have any such fears?

By the way, I'm allowed to do a little self-promotion here, since this is my blog and all. Some of you know that I have this event going on, where I post an original story (or a chapter of something longer) every month. And yesterday, chapter 3 of my e-novella "Until Dawn" was published. So, I just wanted to let you know that you could read it here

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Monthly Story Treat #4 is out!

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that, even though late, the monthly story is posted!

Check it out here . If you haven't yet plunged into the world of Dawn, Eric and Connor, short summaries - as well as the links to chapters 1&2 - can be found here .

And, if you did stop for the fun, please leave me an honest comment! I appreciate them all very much!

Thanks, and Happy Easter! (We celebrate it this week! :) )

Book Review: "Artemis Fowl and the Arctic Incident

The Arctic Incident

This is the second book in the Artemis Fowl series, that I got from Netgalley to review. Here are my thoughts of it:

Another awesome book for readers of all ages. Yes, I mean 7 thru 77. This series is kind of like Harry Potter - it's good for children and adults alike, because it's funny and entertaining, and tells a story of bravery, taking risks, and thinking with your head.

I loved the action packed scenes, as well as those where Artemis's genius came into play. Of course, his plans are always risky, at the very edge of success, but with the help of his fairy friends, everything manages to go smoothly.

My particular interest was spiked when... (more)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday #16


Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly blog post by Jill over at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights releases we're eagerly awaiting.

My pick this week is:

Title: City of Lost Souls
Series: The Mortal Instruments, Book 5
Author: Cassandra Clare
Release date: May 8th, 2012

The demon Lilith has been destroyed and Jace has been freed from her captivity. But when the Shadowhunters arrive to rescue him, they find only blood and broken glass. Not only is the boy Clary loves missing–but so is the boy she hates, Sebastian, the son of her father Valentine: a son determined to succeed where their father failed, and bring the Shadowhunters to their knees.

No magic the Clave can summon can locate either boy, but Jace cannot stay away—not from Clary. When they meet again Clary discovers the horror Lilith’s dying magic has wrought—Jace is no longer the boy she loved. He and Sebastian are now bound to each other, and Jace has become what he most feared: a true servant of Valentine’s evil. The Clave is determined to destroy Sebastian, but there is no way to harm one boy without destroying the other. Will the Shadowhunters hesitate to kill one of their own?

Only a small band of Clary and Jace’s friends and family believe that Jace can still be saved — and that the fate of the Shadowhunters’ future may hinge on that salvation. They must defy the Clave and strike out on their own. Alec, Magnus, Simon and Isabelle must work together to save Jace: bargaining with the sinister Faerie Queen, contemplating deals with demons, and turning at last to the Iron Sisters, the reclusive and merciless weapons makers for the Shadowhunters, who tell them that no weapon on this earth can sever the bond between Sebastian and Jace. Their only chance of cutting Jace free is to challenge Heaven and Hell — a risk that could claim any, or all, of their lives.

And they must do it without Clary. For Clary has gone into the heart of darkness, to play a dangerous game utterly alone. The price of losing the game is not just her own life, but Jace’s soul. She’s willing to do anything for Jace, but can she even still trust him? Or is he truly lost? What price is too high to pay, even for love?

Darkness threatens to claim the Shadowhunters in the harrowing fifth book of the Mortal Instruments series.

Why I want to read it:
OMG! Because I need another shot of pure adrenaline, that's why! Just READ the summary above and tell me you don't want to read it. I know I'm dying to get my hands on a copy of COLS!!!! MUST HAVE MORE JACE!!! :DDD

What are you waiting on this week?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In her shoes ~ 6 ~

Every Tuesday I will pick a character I've read about recently, perhaps even the week before, and try putting myself in her shoes. What things would I do differently? What have I learned from her behavior? That kind of thing. You are welcome to participate if you want, just please link back, so we could build a nice community of followers. Thanks!!! :)

I thought a little bit more about my heroine choice of the week. But after some internal debate, I stopped on Captain Holly Short, an elf. If you wonder where I got her from, the answer is "Artemis Fowl" by Eoin Colfer. My review of this amazing book is available here .

So Holly - who is she? She's the only female (test case) officer in the fairy police. She's tough, inventive and has a pleasant attitude that could make you love her from the top of her pointy ears all the way down to her feet. I loved how she always managed to get herself in some sort of trouble - whether it was troll trouble, or being kidnapped kind of trouble, her name would always be in the reports.

She was also a very special girl, because she used her brain more than some people/fairies thought she was capable. Being kidnapped, Holly freed herself against the odds, then (being meek and loving at heart) she helped her captors fight off a troll. Seriously, how brave do you have to be to go against a monster at least 3 times your height and breadth?

I totally want to step into her shoes, go on some of her adventures - especially the ones where she's gets to fly above Disneyland Paris :))

How about you? What's your heroine pick of the week?

Book Review: "Artemis Fowl" by Eoin Colfer

Artemis Fowl (Artemis Fowl, #1)

This is yet another Netgalley book I received in exchange for an honest review. Here it comes:

I loved everything about this book. It was hilarious, highly entertaining and difficult to put down. It was also an easy, quick read that left me longing for more. I enjoyed every single word of it, and honestly, I can't believe I hadn't read it until now.

The story was fascinating. From the beginning, where we got a touch of... (more)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Book Review: "Candlewax" by C. Bailey Sims


This is a book I received from NetGalley upon request.

I really liked the story, because the idea was original. I loved the concept of the ferrier cats and the power of the Onyxes; the speaking aloud vs. speaking in thoughts only. I also liked how Catherine (the lead female) compared her studies at the castle with the much more helpful hands-on experience she got in the world outside. It meant that she was learning and growing, and that is important to see in a character.

However, the writing style really put me off. It felt like ... (more)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Books to Movies: Bel Ami

Movie title: Bel Ami
Coming in theaters: June 8th, 2012
Starring: Robert Pattinson, Christina Ricci, Uma Thurman 

Have you read "Bel Ami" by Gui de Maupassant? I have, long time ago, for a literature class in high school. If you've read it, perhaps you know that this is one of the most inappropriate books to be read in high school. And naturally, I absolutely hated it.
But guess who's starring the leading role? Yeah, Robert Pattinson. Not that I'm a huge fan of his, but he's okay.
So, any thoughts anyone?

Friday, April 6, 2012

Follow Friday #11


Follow Me Friday is a book meme hosted by Parajunkee's View and Alison Can Read. #FF is a blog hop that expands your blog following by a joint effort between bloggers. In order to join in the fun, all you need is well . . . A book blog :)

The question this week is:

Have you ever bought a book BECAUSE of a bad review?

My answer:

  Umm, no. But I've been in the following situation many times:
1. I request a book
2. I see a bad review of it
3. I want to read the book even more, just to prove that somebody out there could like it

The outcome is not always positive, mind you. Sometimes I end up disappointed as well. But there are times when I get to like a book that somebody else rated low. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Music Day - Decyfer Down

So, it's been all about books for so long, that I kind of feel like I need something different. And I turned to music. Decyfer Down is one of my favorite bands and this song is just amazing. A little hard, but not too much. Lots of meaning, and of course the rhythm and melody are just beyond words.
I was feeling like I needed a recharge and this song oxidized me, so now I can breathe :DD

Enjoy! :)

Oh, and guess who's going to see the Hunger Games tonight!!! Yeah, me!!! Finally :)))

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday #15


Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly blog post by Jill over at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights releases we're eagerly awaiting.

My pick this week is:

Title: Before I wake
Series: Soul Screamers, Book 6
Author: Rachel Vincent
Release date: June 26th, 2012

I died on a Thursday-killed by a monster intent on stealing my soul. The good news? He didn't get it. The bad news? Turns out not even death will get you out of high school...  Covering up her own murder was one thing, but faking life is much harder than Kaylee Cavanaugh expected. After weeks spent "recovering," she's back in school, fighting to stay visible to the human world, struggling to fit in with her friends and planning time alone with her new reaper boyfriend. But to earn her keep in the human world, Kaylee must reclaim stolen souls, and when her first assignment brings her face-to-face with an old foe, she knows the game has changed. Her immortal status won't keep her safe. And this time Kaylee isn't just gambling with her own life....

Why I want to read it:
Why? Because this is one of my favorite series of the decade!!! And it's like a drug, so I NEED IT!!!

What are you waiting on this week?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

In her shoes ~5~

Every Tuesday I will pick a character I've read about recently, perhaps even the week before, and try putting myself in her shoes. What things would I do differently? What have I learned from her behavior? That kind of thing. You are welcome to participate if you want, just please link back, so we could build a nice community of followers. Thanks!!! :)

This week I'll be stepping in a guy's shoes. Yeah, I know, perhaps I should've picked a different picture for the occasion, but I'd rather stick with the cute one above.
Anyways, you may wonder why I'm picking a guy. Is there something special about him? Why would I want to step in a guy's shoes?
Easy, because that particular guy could've made some different choices, and I just really wanted to point them out. By which I don't mean that the author didn't do his job well. In fact, he did his job splendidly. I'm just voicing my own thoughts here.

I'm talking about Chris Buckley from Travis Thrasher's Solitary Series. And I narrow it down to the latest published book, which got out on April 1st. It's called Temptation, and my review of it is available here .

So, if I was in his shoes, I wouldn't be so damn stubborn about rejecting everything and everyone who's really concerned about my well being. That includes his father, his sort-of-a girlfriend Kelsey, and yes, God. Because instead of welcoming the positive thoughts and the help, Chris rejected them, pushed everyone away and tried to just be. Well guess what? It's in those times - when we have no one and nothing to protect us - that the enemy strikes. It's exactly when he was weakest, when he was resigned, when he had almost given up, that the evil pastor and his entourage kicked in, trying to convince him to sell his soul to the devil.

And it was in that moment that I just wanted to strangle Chris and just take the command of his body. I would've never accepted the pastor's gifts, or his easy reassuring talk. Oh no! I would've steered Chris toward his father, who was a strong believer. He would've thought of something to do. That's what fathers are for, no?

Oh, and yeah. I couldn't believe Chris when he just left his mom to struggle with the alcohol and didn't try to do something about it.  She was sent off to a clinic and he didn't even drive her there, or visit her or phone her or pretty much anything.

I think this was the book where depression struck the hardest. And I just can't wait to see him fight back. The last book, Hurt, comes out next year :)

Book Review: Half Black Soul by H.D. Gordon

Half Black Soul (The Alexa Montgomery Saga, #2)

When I was given this book to review, I was more than a little skeptical about it. Not because of what I'd heard of it, because most reviews have been positive. It's rather because book 1, Blood Warrior, hadn't really made such a good impression on me.

But I can say that Half Black Soul was nothing like Blood Warrior. And by this I mean that the writing style had improved, the grammatical mistakes were mostly fixed and the story was actually making a great deal of sense. (more)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Kreativ Blogger Awards

Yeah, so I've been awarded a Kreativ Blogger Award! Isn't this awesome!!! It sure is. I am thankful that Larissa at the Howling Turtle was patient enough to remind me of it twice. Sorry, I was at school for the past 2 weeks, and was barely able to post anything at all.

Okay, so let's do this!!

The rules:
* Link back to the blogger who awarded said award.
**Provide ten facts about myself.
***And pass it on to six people.

Okay, I've linked back to Larissa, now I have to share 10 facts about myself. Hmmm

1. I read a lot (like that isn't obvious LOL)
2. I also write. If you want to read something I've written, please go here
3. I'm studying Computer Science. Yeah, weird, huh?
4. My favorite animal to have as a pet is a dog. My hubby and I used to have a German Shepherd, but we had to give him away, cuz it felt bad being left alone all day in the apartment :(((
5. I keep a diary of the books I've read, in which I write what I think of the story, characters etc.
6. I LOOOOOOOOVE orange juice :)
7. My favorite meal is stuffed peppers with minced meat and rice. Yumm!!
8. I have yet to go see The Hunger Games. Yeah, I know, no need to say anything :P
9. Harry Potter is still at my #1 most favorite series of all times. Closely followed by TMI and the Soul Screamers.
10. My favorite color is pink.

Now let's announce the winners!!

Stepping Through the Page
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Lili Lost in a Book

Well, that's all from me! Link back so we can read your 10 facts :)

Book Review: Temptation by Travis Thrasher

Temptation: A Novel

Please take note that there are some minor spoilers in this review.

Another awesome book I got from Netgalley. Another awesome book from this extremely talented author.

I absolutely love this series, because not a single string of action, not a single word is out of its appropriate place. And also because everything in it is so unbelievably complicated. So complicated in fact, that you get the feeling that the tight knot of events and mysteries and unanswered questions would never ever get untied. And it's so complicated because people - real people - are complicated. Only a true writing master can portray fictional characters as if they were real, tangible, and Thrasher does a marvelous job of it.

During the entire novel I felt like...( more )