Tuesday, April 3, 2012

In her shoes ~5~

Every Tuesday I will pick a character I've read about recently, perhaps even the week before, and try putting myself in her shoes. What things would I do differently? What have I learned from her behavior? That kind of thing. You are welcome to participate if you want, just please link back, so we could build a nice community of followers. Thanks!!! :)

This week I'll be stepping in a guy's shoes. Yeah, I know, perhaps I should've picked a different picture for the occasion, but I'd rather stick with the cute one above.
Anyways, you may wonder why I'm picking a guy. Is there something special about him? Why would I want to step in a guy's shoes?
Easy, because that particular guy could've made some different choices, and I just really wanted to point them out. By which I don't mean that the author didn't do his job well. In fact, he did his job splendidly. I'm just voicing my own thoughts here.

I'm talking about Chris Buckley from Travis Thrasher's Solitary Series. And I narrow it down to the latest published book, which got out on April 1st. It's called Temptation, and my review of it is available here .

So, if I was in his shoes, I wouldn't be so damn stubborn about rejecting everything and everyone who's really concerned about my well being. That includes his father, his sort-of-a girlfriend Kelsey, and yes, God. Because instead of welcoming the positive thoughts and the help, Chris rejected them, pushed everyone away and tried to just be. Well guess what? It's in those times - when we have no one and nothing to protect us - that the enemy strikes. It's exactly when he was weakest, when he was resigned, when he had almost given up, that the evil pastor and his entourage kicked in, trying to convince him to sell his soul to the devil.

And it was in that moment that I just wanted to strangle Chris and just take the command of his body. I would've never accepted the pastor's gifts, or his easy reassuring talk. Oh no! I would've steered Chris toward his father, who was a strong believer. He would've thought of something to do. That's what fathers are for, no?

Oh, and yeah. I couldn't believe Chris when he just left his mom to struggle with the alcohol and didn't try to do something about it.  She was sent off to a clinic and he didn't even drive her there, or visit her or phone her or pretty much anything.

I think this was the book where depression struck the hardest. And I just can't wait to see him fight back. The last book, Hurt, comes out next year :)