Friday, February 10, 2012

Giveaway Winners and Follow Friday

You guys all expected this day, since it was when my giveaway winners were to be announced!! And the lucky ladies are.... (drum roll)......

Tami B, who won a copy of 

Claire F. who won a copy of

Congratulations to the lucky ladies!!! They've been notified of their fortune, and now I'm waiting for an e-mail from each one of them :))

And now off to


Follow Me Friday is a book meme hosted by Parajunkee's View and Alison Can Read. #FF is a blog hop that expands your blog following by a joint effort
between bloggers. In order to join in the fun, all you need is well . . . A book blog :)

And this week's question is:

What would you prefer: reading your favorite book over and over again until you got sick of it OR reading 100s of mediocre books? 

My answer:
Taking the fact that I re-read Harry Potter any chance I get, I think my answer is pretty obvious. I'd always prefer a favorite book over books that rate among the 3-stars. And to be honest, I won't get sick of re-reading my favorite books. That's why they're favorite after all :)))