Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My 100 Follower Valentine's Day Giveaway

Good morning everyone! And happy Valentine's Day!! Even if you are single, this is still a day to celebrate the love you have for yourself and the people around you!!! I hope you are just as good at expressing it as I am. Because I am throwing a GIVEAWAY!!!! Yay!! No, it isn't a special Valentine's Day giveaway. Technically, it's more like 100 follower giveaway started on Valentine's Day, because I've got so many awesome people following my blog, I thought they deserved a prize!!! New followers are not only welcome, but also deeply appreciated.


Alrighty, so before you enter your name, I'd like to let you know what the prizes are and how this whole event will be organized. First, here are prizes: a book of choice from the Book Depository per winner. So yes, TWO winners :)) And yes, the giveaway is INTERNATIONAL as long as the Book Depository ships to your country. Also, I am providing a list of novels I am willing to pre-order should the winner request one of those.

Okay so here's the list of novels that are already out: 

And these are the books eligible for pre-order:

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