Monday, June 11, 2012

#DaemonInvasion: Meeting JLA in Jaxville, FL

Umm, yeah you'd think I've been lucky enough to actually meet JLA in person, but unfortunately I'm a continent and an ocean away from the US atm. So, I made my sister go to one of Jennifer's book signings in Jacksonville, Florida! And guess what sis said? "She's very nice!" And sis bought Obsidian for me to get it signed, and got Onyx for free!!! Signed as well!!! HOW FREAKING AMAZING IS THAT, HUH??? Now I only need to wait a couple of months for my parents to bring the books to me ;)

Anyways, let's get you some pictures then.

So here we have my absolutely lovely sister and Jen Armentrout. Sis says JLA's 5'5'' tall, but she seems a bit taller to me (unless she was wearing heels or something). And yes, I wish I was there too. But guess what? Without my sis I wouldn't even have these awesome pictures to share with you guys. In my opinion, I have THE BEST, MOST AMAZING AND SUPER COOL SISTER IN THE WORLD :))) No offense to all other sisters out there :DD
 Here my sis is among the #daemoninvasion crew: Jen, Stela and Pepe.
 Aaaaand... this is my free, SIGNED copy of pre-release ONYX!!!!!!! How amazingly awesome is that, huh??
And of course, OBSIDIAN is in the pile as well.