Saturday, June 30, 2012

Movie extravaganza!

I finally went to see "Snow White and the Huntsman" on Wednesday, and I gotta tell you - that queen was one scary psycho character! I wasn't exactly pleased with Kristen Stewart's acting, but she did well enough. In a couple of scenes she almost smiled! Almost...... which is a record for her :DDDD

Anywho... I discussed my thoughts with my sis, and she made the awesome suggestion that Kristin Kreuk, who played Snow White once in a Hallmark production, would've done a much better job in the role. And I gotta tell you - I can't agree more! She's the perfect Snow White. Just look at her!

She's got an air of innocence all around her! And Kristen Stewart was just... I dunno, too weird... too Bella... !

Okay, enough Snow White talk. I wanted to share with you a movie that I really want to watch. First, because it's a motion picture. YES, a motion picture. I've no clue if it's book related, but it reminded me of Rapunzel so much, that I just knew I had to watch it. When it comes out in July, that is.

Perhaps you already figured out what I'm talking about. It's the movie BRAVE by Disney and Pixar, which talks about this disobedient princess, who is so good at fighting that she can beat any guy in archery and swordplay and all that stuff. If I were a little girl, I'd totally want to be like her. Heck, even now I want to be brave like her!

So, let's see the trailers, shall we?

You wanna know which is my favorite scene? It's when the father imitates Merida. He's so hilarious!! I crack up laughing every time I watch him! :DD

What do you think? Would you enjoy this motion picture? I know I will :)