Monday, June 18, 2012

The Lucky 7 Meme Award

Hey, I got another award!! How awesome :)) This one is a writer's award more than a blogger's. 

Emaginette at Shout with Emaginette tagged me for The Lucky 7 Meme. Thank you so much!! Adding another award to my wall of fame is so cool :))

Lucky 7 Meme Rules:
1. Go to page 77 of your current manuscript.
2. Go to line 7.
3. Copy the next 7 lines (sentences or paragraphs) and post them as they’re written. No cheating!
4. Tag 7 other writers to pass this meme on to.

I will post 7 paragraphs from the YA paranormal novel that I'm currently working on. So far I've changed the title several times, but for now it stays on "Angel Inside". By the way, the Prologue to this novel is posted on this blog under the "Monthly Story Treat" page. The name you should look for in the right hand-side panel is "God Given Series".

Now the excerpt:

Really, were they here to fight Death?
My eyes traveled from Jonah's bottomless black gaze to the shiny silver one of the fallen, searching for any sign of the reason for their unexpected visit. Not that it wasn't obvious – I mean, clearly their master had something to do with it – but they should've known that I never responded well to threats of any sort. Nor was it in my nature to be afraid of anything other than God Himself.
And since the shadows were now covering me too, I felt it was time to manifest my usual attire. The black suit with silver trimming was much more comfortable than any swimwear, especially when I was about to do business.
Long time no see, Frael.” I said with an air of nonchalance, now completely dressed. “Care to explain what you're doing here?”
The fallen snorted in what I could only describe as disgust, while his son growled fiercely. I winced, as the wave of Jonah's decaying scent washed over me. It was growing stronger the more he expended his energy and emotions, and I felt a dangerous excitement build up in me.
I shook my head, suppressing the hunger that threatened to rise inside. This wasn't the time to fall into the alluring embrace of my dark desires. They might not ruin me, but I couldn't say the same about those who happened to be around.
Why, Evan, we've been wondering the exact same thing.” Frael replied coldly, a healthy dose of sarcasm dripping from his voice. I didn't fail to notice however, that he'd said 'we' instead of 'I', confirming my theory that indeed, the impostor had sent him here. The only question was what for?
I had no answer to his question though, so I shrugged innocently and gave him the most truthful reply I could think of.

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