Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Book Review: Spark by Brigid Kemmerer


Just how good can this series get? Seriously.

I must say that after reading all three books (so far) in this series, Spark remains to be my favorite. I love Gabriel and his hot attitude way too much. I love his 'don't mess with me' glare and I don't think any of the other brothers could ever take his place. He is simply unique.

Gabriel runs hot. Always. Not only because his element is fire, but also because he's always up to something dangerous and reckless. No one can copy him or be quite like him. Not even his twin, Nick.

And to top it all, Gabriel has got a really sweet heart. He helps the needy and protects whose who could and do get harmed. He isn't afraid to get in a fight if that will protect people he cares for.

When Layne enters the picture, Gabriel's blood runs even hotter than usual. She isn't the super hot mess Gabriel is used to, but she is sweet and attractive. Also, without the glasses and a little make-up and care... well she could be hotness personified. Top this with genius brains and you may just get close to imagining her sort of correctly.

Unfortunately, pretty, smart girls never have much confidence. Especially when there are a bunch of family problems involved. You can't believe how happy I was that Layne caught Gabriel's attention. Not because he's all the way up on that pedestal, but because she could and did make him more approachable, kinder, understanding and also gave him a reason to work hard. The slacker that he was needed a serious push.

Then there was the mysterious arson, who burned several houses in town. Why would everyone (including Gabriel's brothers) blame him for the fires is completely beyond me though. I mean, he does act like a hard-core jackass most of the time, but seriously? At least Nick should've known it could never be Gabriel.

Spark was so full of passion, devastation, happiness, anger and even fear that I found myself laughing hard in one place, then on the verge of tears in another. It was a brilliant roller-coaster of emotions that I'm definitely going to revisit.

My rating: 5/5