Thursday, September 26, 2013

Book Review: Second Hearts by G.J. Walker-Smith

Second Hearts

Needless to say, I'm completely obsessed with this series. Saving Wishes had my emotions flaring, so there was absolutely no way I'd pass up on reading Second Hearts right away. It was an amazing continuation to Charli and Adam's story. Here we meet Adam's world - his family and friends, and are guided to take a look at his world through Charli's La-La-Land lens.

First we meet Adam's brother, Ryan, who acts like a player and I guess he kind of is one, seeing that he's with a different girl every week. But he's got a super kind heart underneath all the cold exterior. He's very hardworking and knows how to invest his time and money well. Also, he's not blind to other people's issues and affairs and does whatever he can to help out. Secretly, of course. But, to see the truth that's pointed right at his face... umm, no. He's kind of blind to that.

Then there's Adam's father, Jan Luc, who seems to be a remarkable man even though we don't see all that much of him. He is supportive though, and quite successful in his lawyer carrier. And let's not forget the incredible family he's got. A remarkable man indeed.

But Adam's mother, Fiona Decarie, is a harpy - a real monster to be revered. She was all over Charli, blasting her with hatred every chance she got. Then she tried the false love thing until everything exploded right into her face. Good thing Charli is so good-natured and offered her the olive branch. Otherwise that family would've been toast. Anyway, I was so thrilled to get to know the real 'queen' underneath all the layers of society and such. She was truly an amazing woman.

Another character that I really got to love was Charli's friend, (shame on me I don't remember her name) who also had a thing with Ryan some time back in the day. She gave Charli the best kind of advices when needed and was the one to help her come down to earth when La La Land seemed to take over.

And now onto the two lovebirds:

Charli, this amazing free-spirited girl, who can only imagine her life traveling and taking pictures of the wild wide world, decides to take a break and go find her boy Adam. In New York. I need to say here that she's just as magnificent as in Saving Wishes, book one of the series. Her brain is totally operation on La La Land frequency, complete with the unique fairy stories and all. I loved those fairy stories and to be quite honest, I got addicted to them.

Anyway, so in this installment, as a result of living outside of home for a year, we see that Charli has grown strong, independent and decisive. She knows exactly where her heart lies - which is in two very different places. That duplicity was the reason her heart got split (or rather broken) up so tragically. I do hope that there will be a way to mend it.

And Adam... oh, Adam! My fictional boy-crush made me feel so excruciatingly miserable!!! *sniff, sniff* He was both incredible and incredibly selfish. I couldn't believe that he'd do what he did to Charli, even though I figured it out way before she did. I cried for both of them by the end of the last chapter. My hart was raw with all the emotions raging inside me - mainly disappointment, passion, love, and frustration. And the impossibility of the whole situation devastated me. I was like a balloon that blew up into million pieces when I was finished reading.

Obviously, I can't wait for book three to come out. This is turning out to be the #1 contemporary series for 2013 as far as I'm concerned.

My rating is 5/5