Saturday, September 7, 2013

Author Interview: G.J. Walker-Smith

Hello Everyone!

I'm really excited to introduce to you author G.J. Walker Smith.  Hers is The Wishes Series, and I can tell you - those books are amazing! She is a really talented writer, who makes intricate stories, complicated plots and great characters.

So, for the indulgence of us all, I invited her to answer several questions. She, of course, was amazing answering them all! Read on and learn more about her and her awesome books!

Me: How did you come up with Charli's strange-at-times personality? She's so quirky and unpredictable, I could never follow her thinking process. It was magnificent!

Gemma: She’s a little bit out there, that’s for sure! I didn’t set out to create such a quirky girl. Her personality seemed to just take over. Part of her charm is her spontaneity. I love that she’s so unpredictable.

Me: Those fairy stories Charli always told Adam were absolutely fabulous. Did you make them up? Did you read about them somewhere?

Gemma: Thank you! I did research a little bit, but most were dreamt up by the fairy living in my brain. There are no rules in magic. Anything goes!

Me: Adam and Charli don't have anything in common besides their love. Do you think that true love can conquer anything? Even when it all looks hopeless?

Gemma: I like to think so. Charli sums it up perfectly in Storm Shells (book 3) when she says “True love is still true, even if you can’t live it the way you want to.”
I think it could work out for them if they can just manage to find some common ground.

Me: In our world, much like in fiction, nothing's perfect. Charli and Adam are far from it too. However, Charli seems to be the more giving one, the braver one. Why is that?

Gemma: Poor Adam! He struggles for the simple fact that he isn’t as brave or giving as she is. If Charli was a weaker character, she might have stuck it out in New York. Leaving him was the ultimate show of strength. I think the ball is back in Adam’s court now. He behaved badly in Second Hearts, and many readers were totally frustrated by that. I didn’t want to create a flawless prince charming. Adam is just as determined to live out his dreams as Charli is. He just went about it the wrong way. Book 3 is a huge turning point for him, make or break. If he has any hope of winning her back, the effort has to come from him.

Me: Do you think Adam ever regretted his whim decision to visit Gabriel in the Cove?

Gemma: No. I don’t think he regrets anything. Charli changed him for the better. Adam just hasn’t realized it yet.

Me: In book one, Alex was always Charli's safety net when she fell of her La La Land tree. Why did he distance himself so much in book 2?

Gemma: I think Alex was determined to let her go her own way. I’m sure it was rough on him. He was really disappointed to find out they got married. I think distancing himself was probably a coping mechanism. Alex plays a huge role in book 3.

Me: If you could sum up the personalities of the major characters in one word, what word would you use for each of them?

Gemma: Just one? I need more than one!

Adam – The dumbest smart boy I know.
Charli – Determined to stay true to herself.
Alex – Good to the core.
Ryan – Not as badass as he thinks he is. 

Well, Gemma you were amazing! Thank you so much for your time, and honoring me and my audience!

You can find Gemma, a.k.a G.J. Walker-Smith here:
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