Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Book Review: Angel of Mercy by Shannon Dermott

Angel of Mercy

NOTE: I received my eARC from the author. Thanks Shannon!

Where to begin, where to begin...? I'm a bit twitchy writing this review. I really wanted to give it 5 stars, but it's got some problems with typos and the occasional Mercy-ness that made me go for a 4 star rating.


But the story development was really brilliant. There were so many twists and turns, it was impossible to figure out what to expect round the corner. I really, really enjoyed it.

So, as the story develops in each consecutive volume, it gets more and more complicated. Secrets are revealed one at a time (which is irritating the patience out of me!), feelings develop, relationships form and break. It gets more complex to follow all the action and take a side.

What I didn't quite like was Mercy, her poor denial, her silly determination to prove everyone wrong when it was completely obvious that she was the one who didn't know what was going on. For starters, I never felt that she belongs with Luke. It feels forced somehow, unnatural. As if she's trying her hardest (and she is) to ignore her true feelings. Which, of course, are inclining her towards Flynn. Her behavior is enough proof. I mean, she can barely find it in her to breathe when Flynn's in the room, and she constantly feels pulled toward him. She cares for him, and I know she's in love with him. Like he is with her. But instead of seeing the truth and beauty that could be Mercy-Flynn, she's stubbornly pushing herself in Luke's arms. It annoys me how she takes her relationship with Luke as the real deal when she constantly has to remind herself not to think of Flynn. Girl! Get a grip over yourself and go follow the right course.

I don't really remember a time I was head over heals for Luke. I mean, he's supposed to be a half-angel, for goodness sake! Why on earth doesn't he ever act the part? At least a little? He's as much the demon/sinner as Flynn is, even before Mercy came in the picture. Which is why I don't even understand how Mercy could possibly be the reason he became even a bigger sinner. It's just that who Luke's supposed to be doesn't match who is really is and I don't like that.

Sebastian was greatly missed in this installment. I love his dark humor and his complicated mannerisms. He makes all the craziness around Mercy a little less cheezy and ridiculous. Of course, he's got his own agenda which we know nothing about. it makes him even more interesting. I just wish we saw more of him than the occasional popping in to save Mercy's rear.

Now onto Flynn. The first chapter had me almost gasping for breath. The way it was written, I thought my hero had died, or was about to. It had me going through the previous installment so I could figure out what was going on! Thankfully he was alive. Not well, but alive nontheless. I hoped that would make Mercy realize her real feelings for him, but no. She's just as clueless of her own heart as usual. Sometimes she acts so dumb that I can't find it in me to feel any mercy toward her. Pun intended.

Anyway, by the end of the novel you would have laughed, cried and pulled at your hair. I most certainly did all those things and more.

My rating is 4/5