Monday, September 2, 2013

Book Review: The Iron Traitor by Julie Kagawa

The Iron Traitor

NOTE: I received this book from Mira INK in exchange for an honest review.

First of all, I want to say that I love this cover even though Keirran looks very scary (and not at all 17). But it fits his moods and change of heart/soul pretty well.

To be honest, I was left with the impression that I like Ethan's story more than Meghan's. But when I think of the burning passion that Meghan and Ash shared.... and all the incredible quests they went on together.... goodness, Ethan's got nothing on it. So I guess I can say that The Iron Traitor, if looking at it separately, is quite an impressive piece of read. But if compared to the rest of the Iron Fey books... it's a bit weak.

For example, Ethan only ever questions things in his head, without really voicing his concerns, or thinking of the consequences of his actions. None of the information that is given to him is ever considered important enough to remember and act on. Like that prophecy that he was told of...why not learn more? Or the vision the Oracle shared with him... why not heed it's warning somehow? Being a smart guy and not figuring things out... well let me say that I was quite a bit disappointed in him.

Then there's Keirran. Goodness, did I want to smack him in the head with a brick! Why oh why did he have to try all things dark and forbidden to save Annwyl before trying the light and easy path first? Why is the obvious way always the disregarded one? A little bit of thought on his side would've saved at least a couple of lives. But no. Prince Dark and Brooding is determined to do things his own way, fight his own battles, even though the price for the outcome he wants is always way too high to pay.

Gosh and Kenzie? I have not seen more stubborn girl in my life. Even though she's struggling with leukemia, which by the way is taking it's toll on her, she decides that she had to follow Ethan into the Nevernever and bring even more trouble their way. Because truly, the only thing Ethan ever worries about is whether she's safe, which takes a lot of his concentration no matter what he's in the middle of doing. I understand her view - not wanting to go down without a fight; wanting to see things beyond the normal; yada yada. But honestly, if her safety and health is all that Ethan worries about, then he's bound to get deep in trouble. So, I guess, I think she doesn't care that much about him, and that's just sad.

Well, the characters aside, this book was packed with lots of action scenes that got me reeling. I was really taken deep into it, enjoying every bit of the countless adventures that Julie crafted for us readers.

My rating is: 4/5