Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bday bookstravaganza!

I know I never mentioned this, but my birthday was last week. Yay! So for the past two weeks, presents have been arriving from all over the world. I've never been so excited about my b-day before, but this year all my GReeps have made me feel THE LOVE :)) Thank you guys! I love you all!!!

So let me share with you a couple of pictures. I must confess that I'm still waiting for at least one package, but I just couldn't hold this post any longer. Whenever that package arrives, I'll make sure to post its contents too :)

From my friend Wendy I got this lovely book thong along with a vampire first aid kit and a cute card! As you can see, the thong is pink and pretty, and I absolutely love it! Thanks sweetie!!!

And the paper treasures include the following:

none of which I have yet read, but I think Sweet Evil will be first, since I'm buddy reading it with a couple of GReepies :)

Thank you all amazing girls!!