Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cover Remake: Witchy Witchy and Review: A Dead Red Heart

I love it when a book gets a cover remake. Do you? It's only a couple of weeks since Jennifer L. Armentrout had her "Obsidian" book cover changed, and now Penelope King has acquired a new book cover for "Witchy, Witchy". I was super excited when I saw it because it was so full of color, it was like the cover emanated life. I'm sure you want to see for yourself, so I'm posting the image right here:

So what do you think? Isn't it gorgeous? It has light, color and vibrant energy! I love how the colors blend at different points in the background, it creates the illusion of a world beyond what we could imagine :)) So awesome!

Also, I just posted my review of A Dead Red Heart . Follow the link if you want to read my thoughts and comments.

Have a super awesome day and God Bless!