Saturday, March 17, 2012

Books to movies: The Hunger Games

Morning guys! My super duper followers, I love you all!!! Oh, have you noticed I'm almost at 200 stalkers now?? Only after 3.5 months of blogging?? That's so incredibly awesome, no?

Anyway, today I'd like to engage you in a discussion about the current book to movie adaptations we're all dying to watch. I know what comes to mind right away. It's March 23rd, isn't it? Oh yeah it is!!! But why, what's so special about it?? THE HUNGER GAMES MOVIE RELEASE of course, duh!!!

Yeah, the whole world is waiting for that date, and surely, it can't come fast enough. People have loved Suzanne Collins's books and now they're all dying to watch the movie adaptations. Ok, don't hang or crucify me for what I'm about to say, but I didn't like The Hunger Games, the book. Yeah, I know, I know. I must be crazy, total wacko to not have liked the book. But there it is.

Yet, I think that a brilliant movie could be made out of it, because it has a great potential as a script. So, just like all of you, I'm waiting in anticipation to see it. From the trailers I've watched, I get the feeling that my expectations would be met, perhaps exceeded, and I feel this ... this tingle in my stomach at the look in Katniss's eyes. It's amazing. So, anyway.  Here's the trailer, just so we can watch it one more time :)

And one more: