Tuesday, May 8, 2012

In her shoes ~10~

Every Tuesday I will pick a character I've read about recently, perhaps even the week before, and try putting myself in her shoes. What things would I do differently? What have I learned from her behavior? That kind of thing. You are welcome to participate if you want, just please link back, so we could build a nice community of followers. Thanks!!! :)

Well, my post today belongs to Allison Sekemoto from Julie Kagawa's 'The Immortal Rules'. If you haven't read it yet, you can check out my review here.

And if you have, well you should know why I picked her.Allison is a strong willed survivalist. She scavenges the city of New Covington, along with many others, in search for random scraps of food or anything useful that might lay buried somewhere, forgotten. And even though she isn't the group's leader, the qualities are right there, under the surface. She's protective, caring and full of ambition to show the humans that they aren't just cattle for the vampires that rule the world. Not that anyone cares to listen.

She's always been a fighter, though not in the literal sense of the word. She's been strong willed, brave and driven by the desire to one day repay the vamps in full for what they did to her mother.

But then, when one expedition outside the city walls goes bad, she finds herself faced with a decision. To die human or to die a vamp.Truly, I can't blame her for what she chose. It's what she did with that choice that made her unique and special. Because even when Turned, she retained her love for the human, and in the darkest times of her Hunger rages, it was the human in her that saved her from killing.

That is one strong heroine that completely won my heart. What girl did you chose this week?