Thursday, May 31, 2012

Character interview: Mercy Moore

Would you believe I could snag an interview with Mercy Moore, the lead female from Shannon Dermott's Cambion series? No? Well... I did, and I'm so darn happy about it! She's a fabulous character who slowly grows into her own skin. Sure, she makes some bad decisions from time to time, but who doesn't?

1. Mercy, you are obviously not very thrilled about sharing your body with a demon. Still, don't you think that if the two of you merged together, things would become much less complicated?

Smoothing my hair, I use the time to gather my nervous thoughts. “I’m sure it would be easier to join with it, her, whatever. But will I be me after?” It is a fear. The succubus has very different ideas about sex than I did.

2. You seem to have grown a bit since the last book. I mean, you're not as passive anymore and you're asking some questions. Why did it take you so long to start being proactive?

“Everything happened so fast. I mean, I listened to my mom. She’s my mom,” I plead. “I thought I could trust her to help me do the right thing. Then there was Luke. And he’s amazing. I never thought I could be with anyone. At least not until mom said it would be safe. Then everything just got out of control.”

3. If you didn't want Paul as more than a friend, why did you keep leading him on?

“I never meant to lead him on. I loved him. Well, at least I thought I did. I mean, I still do, just not the way he wants me to. And then, I had to be sure. He was my best friend. I figure he deserved me to at least see.” Balling my hands in fist, I wonder how many more hard questions I was going to get.

4. Would you mind sharing one of your boys? I'd take Flynn if you don't mind!

Flynn…. “I’m sure Flynn would have you. He’s always into the next pretty face.”

5. Have you ever thought that McKayla may be able to answer some of your questions about who and what you are?

I hate that Sebastian named the thing inside me. I am me. Not her, it. “Maybe, but it’s not like we talk. She sends me thoughts on occasion when it suits her.”

6. I wonder why you seem to be the only succubus with a split personality. Do you?

“Yeah, but no one will tell me anything. I doubt Wikipedia has page on the subject.”

7. In addition to cooking and kissing boys, what else do you like to do?

Smiling, I think about all the fun things I used to do. But then I frown, “Kissing boys isn’t top of my list,” I say, then add, “ I do like being with Luke.” I almost leave it at that, but decide to continue. “I do like hanging out with Maggie when she’s not nagging me.” I giggle a little at my own joke. “And I love horror and sci-fi movies.”

8. If Maggie turns out to be a supernatural creature after all, how do you think you could help her?

Clasping my hands, I look down again. I feel so guilty about Maggie. “I’m not sure how best to help her other than be there for her anyway she needs me. I’m glad Tom’s there to help.”

9. Why can't you accept Flynn's affection as more than just lust?

Groaning inwardly, I think of Flynn and roll my eyes. It always comes back to him. “How can I accept his interest? Every time I look up, he’s with a different girl. He never stays with anyone too long and even though I understand why, what makes me think I’ll be any different. I’m just the only girl who has turned him down, most likely.”

10. You were very determined not to damn Luke with being his girlfriend. Why was he able to waver your decision?

My emotions swing south again. Luke and what I’ve done to him. “I never meant… Well he said….” But none of that even covers what I’ve done. “I love him.”

11. And lastly, do you think you would ever want to be with just one guy?

“I am with only one guy,” I say defensively. “I can’t help what I am and what lives inside me,” I nearly shout. Getting myself under control, I calmly add, “McKayla has her own ideas about who we should be with. I’ve been faithful. I haven’t been with anyone else. Maybe she has, but that’s out of my hands.”

Thank you, Mercy for letting me poke around your personal problems. It was fun having you on my blog :)