Friday, October 18, 2013

Book Review: Sand Jewels by G.J.Walker-Smith

Sand Jewels

I received the eARC from the awesome author herself. Thanks sooooo much!

So, I know many of you will be a bit disappointed, just like I was, that Alex's story was wrapped up in a novella. *Sigh* Only 52 pages of awesomeness. I was going to cry when I saw this. I WANTED MORE, dang it!!! I can't have enough of Alex. Ever.

I can't have enough of his fabulous smile, or his ruffled surfer-dude look. Of his sweet character, of his love for Charli... It's simply not enough.

I'm glad this was written from Gabrielle's POV, because I didn't know much about her, her way of thinking... now I do. And I got to like her even more. It was nice seeing her feelings for Alex and Charli develop on a different scale.


The way it ended. It made me want to start on Saving Wishes all over again!!!! I'm a sucker for this series. *sigh*

My rating is: 5/5 stars