Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Book Review: The Social Code by Sadie Hayes

The Social Code
NOTE: I received the title through Netgalley.

Oh boy! I love stories about smart girls! Especially about smart girls who aren't lacking common sense. And happy for me, Amelia is definitely an IT genius, a.k.a. a smart girl. But she is a lot more than just some geek who wants to bury herself in code. She's learned the hard way that there are things that are right, and things that are wrong. She takes a stand and decides that she wants to remain true to herself and stay away from trouble. No matter who blackmails her and how, she stands firm and I admire this about her. Amelia is such a strong character, there's no way that I wouldn't end up liking her.

Her brother, Adam is the most trusting and naive guy I've ever read about. I did not like that about him. In fact, it sort of made me feel sorry for him. And his hunger for money... let's just say that it wasn't fun to read about. That is not to say that money-wise he isn't being quite realistically portrayed. Just the opposite, it fits the plot and Adam and Amelia's past. I just didn't like how he seems to push Amelia to do the wrong thing or the less right thing so they could end up rich faster. In other words, he was sort of lazy and waited on Amelia to do it all.

Then there's has-it-all TJ. He's a mama's boy, quite used to luxury and the interest of girls. He's a curious, intriguing character and I wonder when he's going to get a real backbone and stand up to his father. Also, I have a feeling he and Amelia might be just right for each other, which would be so awesome if it happens!

In conclusion, I think that The Social Code is a pretty nice, fast read that anyone would enjoy.

My rating is 4/5