Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Book Review: The Rebound Guy by Fiona Harper

The Rebound Guy

NOTE: I received this one from Netgalley. Thanks

Serious relationships, and serious guys are pretty hard to find. Kelly knows this, until Jason...

Wow, if I have to take this story for statistical purposes... with the rate of sexual abuse at work that the lead female, Kelly suffers through... lets just say I might never want to w work under the management of a male. Ever. Apparently they could be quite persistent, those bastards, even if you repeatedly tell them no. *sigh*

I respected Kelly for her courage in saying no, moving on and never giving up on her values. And I also liked Julie, the secretary, for making her boss, lead male Jason, hold his 'stuff' in his pants.

If there was ever a story where the main characters were really good for each other, this was it. Something major was lacking in each of their lives before they met, and their personalities evolved because of this amazing relationship, which was mostly not-official.

So, let me backtrack a little here. I really want to make a point in saying how great the writing style is. It's light, captivating and completely appropriate for this story. Also, the romance is clean and develops slowly. There's meaning to each step Kelly and Jason take toward each other, because no matter how much they want this thing between them to be just a fling, it can never be so. It's much much deeper. So deep in fact, that the mere thought of separation makes them both feel completely miserable.

I really loved Kelly because of her strong personality, her values and her positive influence. At the office she was hard working. AT home she took care of her two boys on her won. Her jerk of a husband left them to fend for themselves. And that after all that Kelly had to go through for cancer treatment.

Jason was the ultimate not-yet-grown-and-quite-enjoying-it bad boy. On top of that he was the CEO of a sports shoes company and has issues with this family. He was a jerk too, until Kelly came in the picture and took his reigns in her hands.

Like I said, those two were just made for each other. You'd surely enjoy The Rebound Guy as much as I did.

My rating is 4/5