Friday, October 18, 2013

Book Review: Starry Night: A Christmas Novel by Debbie Macomber

Starry Night: A Christmas Novel

NOTE: I received the eARC through Netgalley.

I am a huge sucker for Christmas stories, which is why I requested Starry Night the moment I saw it. Boy was a I disappointed. You may not believe me, but I even forgot I read it, and only after I saw it on my to-review list I remembered about it. Not that I remembered it though.

What irked me a lot was that the writing wasn't realistic. Most of the conversations sounded a little forced. As if the characters themselves would rather say something else. You know what I mean? It made me tsk and shake my head quite a lot.

The lead female, Carrie I believe was her name, struck me as witty, which I liked. She knew her goals, and she was decided to follow them. But she was a bit meek. Her boss (and pretty much everyone else) pulled her strings too much. She wasn't her own boss, until the very last minute. True, she made the important decision, but everything prior to that? Nope.

And there was Finn. He was sweet I guess, when he wasn't spending all his time away from the world - which was almost all the time. He was described as a monstrosity of a man, with all that hair and beard. Gosh. It must've been scary for Carrie, seeing him at first. Finn must be the most stubborn fictional man I've stumbled upon lately. I kind of liked that about him, but it was also a super huge roadblock in his relationship with Carrie.

Anyway, it was a fast read. Nice, but not overly so.

My rating is 3/5 stars