Thursday, December 12, 2013

Book Review: Notable by Marni Bates


NOTE: I received this eARC via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

First of all, I want to say that I had no idea this book was part of a series. Some things were lost on me, others were explained, but still. It should've been included somewhere, as part of the info. I don't have time to go look up each and every single book I request, you know?

Second, and I guess there'll be a list this time, is that I liked the voice of the narrator. In this case, it was Chelsea Halloway, the meanest of mean girls at Smith High School. Her voice was fresh, true and free. Which is why I liked how this entire story sounded.

Now sure, the adventure that Chelsea stumbled upon was not the one her father signed her up for. It came out to be a lot more complicated, spending some time in Cambodia. Complicated as in, you never know when you may get dragged into the affairs of a drug dealer of major proportions. Complicated as in, suddenly you're not the stupid girl everyone believes you are, namely because you come to be the master mind behind a grand rescue plan. Complicated as in... a mean girl can actually see more than her own reflection in the mirror?

Notable takes an entirely different look on the story of a regular High School queen, who becomes someone completely new and reliable when danger strikes. The take on Chelsea's character was brilliant. You know how everyone believes that the mean girl isn't really worth much? That her life's perfect and so she wants to make everyone jealous? That there's no substance, no brains or anything else to her?

Well, Marni Bates decided to prove this cliche wrong. Sure, Chelsea wasn't a genius when it came down to math or stuff, but she had incredible social skills and she knew exactly how to take advantage of them. And sometimes, being brainy doesn't prove to be a solution in a tough situation. Sometimes, being ballsy and having critical thinking skills comes more handy.

One last tick on the list, the characters.
I already shared my two cents on Chelsea. I only wanted to mention college student Houston. Gosh, he was like a boulder that could not be moved by any of Chelsea's snide comments. No matter how much she tried to rock him, how she insulted him, teased him, whatever, he was solid rock. And I must say that I loved that about him.

Some guys get really swept by a girl of Chelsea's magnitude. Not Houston. Because he knew her dirty secrets. Or at least he thought he knew them. He called her princess all the time, because well... everyone thought she was nothing short of that term. She was spoiled, she got whatever she wanted, and she had it perfect. Oh, and she complained a lot.

Now what is all this a formula for? Disaster? Love? Incredible adventure? You tell me. The book is all yours!

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