Friday, December 27, 2013

Book Review: Crash into You by Katie McGarry

NOTE: I received the eARC via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

Oh my goodness! Katie McGarry is one of my favorite YA contemporary authors, and no wonder! All her books so far have left me drained of emotions, or overflowing with them, or simply stunned beyond belief. It's rare to stumble upon such incredible stories - well told, well written, with amazing realistic characters - and I'm glad I was given the chance to review them. The tough romance gives me a high I don't find every day. The background stories make everything more realistic, and the secondary characters compliment the action to perfection.

All that said, I want to gush out my feelings. Starting with Pushing the Limits, I've fallen in love with every single character pair that Katie introduced. I was amazed at how those imperfect characters were matched to fit each other perfectly. How their stories entwined their lives in the most suitable way. I'm sure Echo wouldn't have survived the madness in her life had not Noah given her a reason to. Nor would have Beth given her trust over to Ryan if he hadn't shown her his love.

But I was a little unsure of Isaiah. I truly wondered how this tattooed bad boy would ever find someone to trust him enough. To love him enough. To give him everything. To push him to do better without changing him. Because Isaiah was only tough on the outside, and was mush on the inside. He suffered a lot when Beth turned him down and I didn't want to see him suffer because of someone else again.

At first I was suspicious of Rachel. I didn't know her, had never met her. But it was soon that I realized she was a toughie too. Just the right kind of girl for a boy like Isaiah. She talked cars as much as he did, and he was pleasantly surprised. I knew from the beginning that something was wrong with her, but I didn't exactly know what. I knew nothing was perfect in her life. Everyone wanted something from her, giving nothing back. I knew everybody expected her to be someone else, who she clearly wasn't. Rachel was selfless, caring and loving but it took too much from her. And being the toughie she was, she didn't share her weaknesses with anyone.

The ending almost broke my heart, I was crushed and tearful. I won't say more, but you must know that this is an emotional roller coaster that you would want to experience.

My rating is