Thursday, December 12, 2013

Book Review: Endless by Amanda Gray


NOTE: I received the eARC via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

The cover is what had me requesting this one. It's so pretty! Speaks of innocence and purity. Then the summary hooked me too, and I thought - why not?

Gee. Then I read it. I could barely reach the end.

It's supposed to be a time travel novel, no? Yes, but it isn't. There is absolutely no traveling through time. Unless being told that it happens does it for you. For me, it does not. Which is why I was so immensely disappointed!

I wanted to know what happens when you mess up and go to another era, dang it! I wanted to be there to see how it happens! I didn't want a wordy explanation of the twists and turns and what nots! I didn't want to know that it's just not right, and it could be fixed by a bunch of lunatics who'd rather put you in the abyss of nothingness than help you be happy for once!

Huge. Disappointment. Here.

I guess the writing was okay. But I'm not entirely sure because I couldn't manage to pay it much attention. You see, I was too upset that nothing was happening. And I do mean nothing. There were perhaps two events in the whole book that could be called 'dramatic' and one of them was completely on the side.

The characters couldn't redeem my opinion either.

Jenny Kramer has dreams. Of what she doesn't know, but she is in them. Only they feel too real to be just dreams. Then out of nowhere a guy by the name of Ben crosses her path, and suddenly, they dream the same dreams together. Peachy, no? And convenient, certainly.

Then the guy Jenny always dreams about, Nikolai, appears to an art show in a gallery, where Jenny's showing her paintings. And wham! Instant attraction. Of course, it's later on explained as normal, since they're soul mates and Nikolai has traveled through time to find her. But seriously? Could it get any cheesier than this?

Yes. And it does. Because silly as it sounds, Nikolai allows himself to get captured by the 'monks' who straighten out who belongs to what time. And guess who saves him from their clutches? Jenny. Of course. Who is a mastermind of covert affairs, but ignore my sarcasm.

Anyway. If this sounds like your cup of tea, be sure to pick it up. It sure wasn't mine.

My rating is: