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Interview with Desiree Williams

A few weeks back I featured this really pretty cover reveal of Heart Song by Desiree Williams. Wait, you don't remember it? Oh, pity. Well, here it is, an eye candy if there was one!

So anyway, Desiree and I got to chat and I offered to interview here for my awesome readers at YA Story Teller, and she agreed :) Isn't that awesome? I asked her a bunch of questions in the hopes to satisfy everyone's curiosity.


Me: How do you take your coffee?
Desiree: Extra sweet. =) My fav is the white chocolate mocha from Starbucks. I’m definitely a fan of cream, sugar, and whip cream added to my coffee. Then I pretend there are no calories.

Me: Really? I'm trying to cut back on the sugar. (No, really) If you were given the chance to take the place of one Fairy Tale character, who would you choose?
Desiree: Ariel, although with the condition that I could change into legs whenever I wanted. I’d love to experience her world, but I’d hate to get trapped there.

Me: Ariel? Huh. I guess there is some appeal to the ocean world. Where would a person find you usually?
Desiree: Oh that could be tricky. My schedule changes daily, and where I end up ‘working’ at changes on a whim. You might need a GPS tracker to find me, but Panera is one of my hotspots.
Me: What makes you feel inspired to write?
Desiree: I want my stories to do more than just entertain. Many of us, as we trudge through the day to day activities, need little reminders that we can achieve the impossible, and I hope that my stories can do that. Readers dive into books for an array of reasons, but one I see stand out the most is to escape. I tend to do that myself. When I’m stressed and about to wig-out, I grab a book. I want my tales to give the readers a lingering hope when they escape into them.

Me: You recently released your debut novel, Heart Song. What is your favorite scene in the book? Why?
Desiree: I’m so indecisive, usually it’s hard for me to pick a favorite of anything. If you ever see a lady standing in front of the fountain drinks for more than five minutes trying to figure out which of the selections to pick, that’s probably me. But … if I had to pick one of my favorite scenes from Heart Song, it would be when Jerric and Alanna are reconnected – after Laelynn’s rescue. This scene shows the power and strength of their connection, even though their relationship is still new.

Me: What is the highest goal that you desire to meet as an author?
Desiree: I would love to be a bestseller one day.

Me: Don't we all. :) On another note, how often do you visit the library? The book store?
Desiree: Actually, I’m an avid ebook reader, so I tend to buy ebooks off amazon versus hardcopies from the bookstore. (Me: Smart thing, that. And thank you for not endangering more trees :) ) The library is my friend though, but not for checking out books. I like to work there for the peace and quiet, and I plan to schedule ‘read-at-the-library’ days with my daughter. There is a great – and comfy – kids section at our local library.

Me: How awesome! What's the last book you bought? Have you read it yet?
Desiree: Altered by Shelly Crane, and yes I have read it.

Me: I hope it was as promising as her rating indicates :) How long does it take you to fall in love with a book?
Desiree: If the story is solid, I’m hooked within the first few chapters.

Me: Your favorite book genres.
Desiree: Fantasy would be my number one. Although I do lump in paranormal and contemporary – depending on the story line.

Me: Who is the one author that you would love to meet someday and why?
Desiree: Heather Hildenbrand! She was the wonderful woman that got me rollin’ in self-publishing, and I would love the opportunity to meet her in person one day. We chat on the phone and via email, but not yet in person.

Me: Okay, I'm embarrassed now. I've no idea who she is... but I'm glad she got you into self-publishing! Five deserts that make your mouth water.
    1. Anything chocolate!! (Me: Duh)
    2. Birthday cake Oreo (with milk! I’m a dunker)
    3. Gelato
    4. Sherbet ice cream
    5. Warm apple cobbler with vanilla ice cream (Me: ooooh! Yum!)

Me: What's the most complicated meal you've ever cooked?
Desiree: The first Thanksgiving dinner I hosted – a few years after I got married. I was a hot mess that day! But thankfully nothing was burned and the turkey came out ah-mazing. =)

Me: What are you wearing right at this moment?
Desiree: Aquamarine top with blue jeans and barefooted.

Me: Ooooh! Jeans! No dirty old sweats for you then, huh? You know, authors tend to wear those a lot! I guess I'd better ask, where are you right now?
My house. Dining room table to be more precise.

Me: What's the best thing that could happen to you on an isolated island?
Desiree: Besides getting an awesome tan?! A stress free life. No responsibilities, no worries. Although can my island be a bug free island? If there are spiders that could change my answer drastically.

Me: ROFL!! Yeah, I'd ask for a bug free island too.. although I do enjoy the company of butterflies a lot. If you could take a day off from your everyday life, where would you go?
Desiree: Somewhere fun with the fam. I love taking the opportunity to make as many family memories as I can. Hearing my daughter’s laughter is the best sound in the world.

Me: Yup. I get it all too well! Thank you Desiree for hopping over to YA Story Teller. It was great having you for a cup of extra sweet coffee :)
Desiree: Thanks so much for allowing me to do this interview! It’s been an honor! 

Book summary:

In Aldonnia, the evil of Varkadon overflows its borders. War ravages the lands…
For as long as eighteen year-old Alanna can remember she’s lived in hiding, sealed off from the outside world. Despite a future built around a steadfast rule of seclusion, Alanna dreams of the impossible. Of a life outside of her parents’ cabin. A life with more for company than just birds and woodland creatures. A life she knows deep down is impossible for someone with gifts like hers.
That all changes the day Alanna finds a man floating face down in a stream. Despite her parents’ warnings, Alanna pulls the injured man out of the water and heals him with her elemental talents. Just another good deed. Until the man wakes and Alanna realizes so much more has happened than simply a life saved. The healing she performed on the stranger bound her soul to Jerric, the prince of Aldonnia.
Alanna’s heart wants to keep the prince, but duty and destiny intervene. Alanna’s world is rocked as her parents are lost. Left in the care of family she didn’t know, Alanna learns more than she wanted to about the evil threatening the lands. There is much more behind her parents’ drive to protect. Alanna learns her gifts were bestowed in order to fulfill a greater purpose. A greater calling. One her enemies seek to destroy at all cost.
Alanna’s choice is clear. To either ignore her destiny and remain hidden, or boldly fight to keep what sings to her heart.

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About the author:

Desiree Williams is a dreamer by day and chocoholic by night. She lives in the beautiful state of Kentucky with her husband and daughter, where she juggles life as a wannabe supermom. Desiree is a lover of food and avoider of dirty dishes. She delights in making people laugh and strives to bring hope and love with her wherever she goes.
You can find out more about Desiree and her books at

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