Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Book Review: Secret North by G.J. Walker Smith


Ryan Décarie could literally charm the pants off anyone. It was his biggest talent and his biggest downfall.
When he crosses paths with Bente Denison five long years after breaking her heart, sparks fly.
Trying to convince her that he’s finally ready for something more serious isn’t easy – and the reason why is simple.
He’s never had anything serious.
Totally clueless when it comes to meaningful relationships, Ryan’s in dire need of guidance, and it comes from the most unlikely source imaginable – his four-year-old niece, Bridget.

NOTE: I received the book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

Okay, so I must apologize to Ms. Walker-Smith for posting my review sooooooo late. This incredible book was firmly in my hands in March and I am just now writing my review. Or no, scratch that. The review had been written down in my diary, I'm just now finding time to type it up. Really really sorry for the delay! I hope you won't hold it against me when I request the next book :))

So anyway. Secret North is the fourth book in the Wishes series. It's told from a completely different POV - Ryan's - and seeing that I've been dying to read this guy's thoughts, I devoured the novel.

Writing Style:
Needless to say, Walker-Smith's style in Secret North has the same magical quality that the rest of her Wishes books have.. They enthrall to the point that the rest of the world disappears. Until the end. And then there are tears because... it's THE END!!

Story line:
It was incredibly fitting for Ryan's story. It didn't have too much drama, which was good and unpredictable. Other thing that's good? Lots of Adam and Charlie!

-Following someone else's vision of life can very well strip you of who you really are
-A person should always follow their heart
-Children should be encouraged to dream and develop their imagination, but it should always be in safe ways.

In the previous books from this amazing series, Ryan was a player. He only dated one type of girls and for a couple of nights only. But then something changed in him. I don't know whether it came from watching Adam and Charli love each other or from somewhere else, but somehow Ryan came to his senses. I was really proud of him that he realized he needed to get serious before Bente even came into the picture. Perhaps he just grew up. Yeah, in his thirties, but I guess it was just the right time.

Secret North takes Ryan away from the reckless guy who used to care only about his business and pleasure. Instead he has become a devoted, caring uncle; a brother to count on; a man who isn't too self-centered to notice things beyond his own nose. And he's learned what it means to love and care for a woman. He was truly swoon worthy.

Bente was a firecracker with a gentle soul. Been hurt by Ryan once in her life, she was cautious to throw her heart at him again. I loved all the little tests she put him through (the dresser, the scarf...) even if she never realized that's what they really were. I also liked her attitude toward Bridget - she wanted to win the little girl over, but not at the prize of having the kid crawl all over her.

Bridget was a little angel with a devil's tail. She could impose her will on anyone. She was smart and had the same fairy lightness as her mother, Charli. I loved her little girl logic even though it was a little askew at times.

I actually thought I'd see Charli more at ease with her in-laws now that she'd moved her family to NYC and all. But boy, oh boy! Was I wrong! Charli is the same opinionated, head-strong woman who I came to love from the previous installments. She kept her hold on her family and continued to give them all of her love and fairy magic.

Adam was so unhappy working as a lawyer, it'd be ironic if it weren't just too sad. If I hadn't fallen for him before, I'd definitely do it now. But you know, I adore the man. yes, he was selfish and stupid and all, but in Secret North he has matured and become a husband and a father worth having. He supported Charli to the point of getting on the bad side of his parents. I admired him immensely.

And a tiny little bit about the Ryan-Adam relationship. The previous novels didn't show as much of it as this one. I just couldn't help but love it when those two shared their inner thoughts, feelings and fears with one another. Sometimes it didn't take words, but a shrug, a gesture. Anyway, this was how I saw more in depth into Adam's mind. I really miss that guy :) Those manly discussions gave an additional color to this incredible novel.

In conclusion:
I strongly recommend ALL of G.J. Walker-Smith's novels. They are incredible, unputdownable, and worth loving.

My rating is: