Friday, July 27, 2012

Follow Friday #25


Follow Me Friday is a book meme hosted by Parajunkee's View and Alison Can Read. #FF is a blog hop that expands your blog following by a joint effort between bloggers. In order to join in the fun, all you need is well . . . A book blog :)

The question this week is:

Summer Reading!  What was your favorite book that you were REQUIRED to read when you were in school?
My answer:

Finally, an easy question! There were two books that I clearly remember. One was Emma, by Jane Austen and the other was The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. I love those books, especially CMC - I've read it several times and watched different movie adaptations :))

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  1. LOL, sorry if I confused you with the new YA blog, just thought it would be easier to separate the content.

    Count of Monte Cristo, I can't remember if I read this or not LOL. I am too old. I need memory pills .

    thanks for following and stopping by.

  2. I haven't read either of these books although I have heard of them, thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. Emma is one Austen book I haven't tried yet, but I need to fix that soon since I love her work. :)

  4. YAY!! I chose CMC too! It was like the only required reading book I enjoyed! Loved it! Although I did see like the end of one movie adaptation and hated it! It sooo changed the book and it made me mad. Of course I didn't see the whole movie, but the ending was enough to make me write it off as a never ever movie!

    Here's my Friday Hops

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  5. I haven't read CMC. I feel like I should have though :) I will need to rectify this someday.

    Old follower :)
    My FF

  6. I still have to read Emma, but I've heard it's one of Austen's best! Have a great weekend :)

    Here's my FF!

  7. Would have loved to have read Emma in school. We didn't read ANY of those classics. I read Wuthering Heights for an essay project, but we got to choose our books. Erk.

    My FF

  8. I haven't read either of your FF picks but maybe I should check them out.

    Thanks for stopping by :)

  9. Thanks for stopping by my post, just returning the favour.
    I've not read either of those books, although have heard of both.

  10. well never read any of them but I had others, it's easier to think of the worst.

  11. Oh yes, I do love Jane Austen! Happy Friday! My FF

  12. I love The Count of Monte Cristo!

    Following you back.

  13. I loved The Count of Monte Cristo! And I too have reread it many times.
    I liked Emma, but it wasn't on our list of required readings :(

    Old follower

  14. Hello Vanya
    Had to drop by and follow when I saw your name on FF! And yes, Emma . . oh, she was just wonderful. Such an amazing character. I never did read CMC. Perhaps I should add it to my staggering TBR. I'm a new follower, by the way. And you know where I am:
    Have a magical weekend.

  15. I still haven't read any Jane Austen, and I'm in my 30s! It's a shame, I know! But I do own a few of her books and Pride & Prejudice is in my physical TBR pile, so I should hopefully be getting to it soon! And I haven't read The Count of Monte Cristo either, but I've heard it's good! Thanks for stopping by my FF/TGIF, and have a great weekend! (Old Follower) ;)

  16. I really enjoyed Emma, but not Pride and Prejudice, can you believe that? I have the unabridged version of the CMC but haven't read it. It's so daunting!

    My FF

    Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

  17. I loved Emma so much that my oldest daughter is named Emma after that novel!

    New follower--check out my FF:

    Tammy @ Into the Mystic

  18. I actually love both of those books but we never read them in school. I wish we had.

  19. I have not actually read either of those! Oops! =)

    and yes, I loved Ethan Frome! But I'm a pretty weird kid ;-)

    Thanks for stoppin' by! Hope you are having a good week!

  20. Hi,

    Hopping on through from the feature and follow!
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    New Buddy, Please…. Cyber stalk me back! 


My Summer Read was…Things Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe (Author) it was interesting ☺


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