Monday, December 19, 2011

A day of snow

Hello, hello!
I don't have any classes today, and no work either, so I stayed in bed till late. Like twelvish..? Anyway, hubby came to wake me up at some point, but I was already awake, I just didn't feel like leaving the coziness of the bed. Yet, the moment he said we had snow outside, I was up and looking out the window. And truly! Despite all the meteorologists said that we might not have snow this year, well.... guess what!! We've been blessed with snow :) And now they say it might snow again in a couple of days!

Clearly, you can see that I love snow. And I do - with the same excitement that little kids have. I love playing with snow balls, I love making snow men, I love running in the snow and rolling in it!! Any activity involving snow is where you'll find me :) I wish I could ski or snowboard, but I've never tried it, and have no idea how well it might go.

Well, all that aside, I finished reading "The Hunger Games", and I will be posting my review of it some time today. Check it out in the "Book Reviews".