Wednesday, May 14, 2014

EXODUS 2022 release day party!

The news I want to share today are about a release day party. Yeah, okay, I can see your eye-rolls and snorts from over here (and mind you, I'm probably half-way around the globe from you).

'A release day party.' You say. 'How incredibly LAME, you lady! Been there, done that. Boh-ring.'

Fine, I won't much stress over being called 'lady'. I am a lady after all. Proud of it too. Anyway, it's the lame part that I disagree with. Because tell me something - how could winning awesome prizes be lame? Huh? How could it be lame to hold in your hands an awesome book, or a gift card with which you could do whatever you wish? And how could it possibly be lame to be able to ask an author a bunch of questions without even having to fly/drive/rowboat/whatever for a couple of hours?

If we count in the planned activities, we've got ourselves a party!

Need more incentive? Let's talk prizes then, shall we?

Current VIP Guest Authors gifting their book(s) to the cache of party giveaways:
* Alex Kimmell, "The Key to Everything" & "Chorus of Wolves" - Horror/Fantasy
* Shari Ryan "Schasm" & "Fissure Free" - YA paranormal fantasy
* Joe Sherman, soon to-be-released
'The Bloodline Chronicles Vol. II' - Action/Adventure
* Shay West,  "Mad Lord Lucien" & "The Chosen" - SciFi & Fantasy
* Tiffany Ems Pitts, "Double Blind" - Action/Adventure & Humor
* Cindy Ray Hale, "Destiny" - YA contemporary romance
* Michael G. Munz, "A Memory in the Black" - SciFi Thriller

Additional prizes:
* 2 $30 Book Lover's Prize Pack courtesy of Victoria Brinius & Debra Gaudette

Did I finally get through to you? Thank goodness!

So how exactly do you sign up? Just enter through this imaginary/virtual portal: and click on 'going' on the right handside below the banner. And don't forget to add the event to your calendar, lest you forget. May 20th, from 12:30pm-9pm PST.