Saturday, May 31, 2014

Author Interview with Jamie Brazil

Hello folks,

I've spouted a bunch of questions at author Jamie Brazil and wow! She was cool to answer them!! Amazing lady, really.

So, just like you, I'm cozing up to read her answers. Enjoy!

Me: What's the scariest thing you've ever done?
The scariest is the also the most fun. And I like to do this every weekend through the spring and summer. Garage Sales. I love shopping the sales, but seriously, I've wound up in a couple dicey situations because of them. The scariest was an antique dealer screaming at me because I bought something he wanted. He followed me out to my car. Luckily, I had my husband with me!

Me: What experience of yours relates to a scene in your book?
This is sort of embarassing, but the opeing scene of Oni the Lonely starts with Mari sprouting horns and claws during her driving test... and totally failing! While I have yet to relate to the horns and claws issue, I have failed at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Multiple times!

Me: Who was the first person to ever read your work?
Mom <3

Me: How do you take your coffee?
With a splash of coconut creamer.

Me: How did your life as a writer begin?
With a restaurant review – I earned free fish burgers for my entire family! Sometimes I wish I'd framed one of them to hang on the wall.
Me: Tell us about your writing process. Do you outline, or are you more of a seat on your pants type of a writer?
Both! Outlining helps me stay on track. My husband is a screenwriter and many screenwriters are strict outliners. But I must say, when the cat's away the mice are pansters! That's the most fun,when you don't know what a character is going to do or say.
Me: What is your favorite scene in the book? Why?
Hands down, it's the scene where Mari says goodbye to her parents, not knowing if she'll ever see them again. We're all totally flawed and brilliantly unique in our own ways, so as Mari reflects on her 16 years of life and what her parents have meant to her, it's actually the small stuff that has the greatest meaning – even annoying quirks become touchstones.
Me: What is your most interesting writing quirk?
My best writing is done when my Bloodhound sleeps on my feet.
Me: What is your usual writing routine?
I'm a morning writer. Usually at the keys at 6 a.m. Except when there are garage sales!
Me: Of course, the garage sales! What is the highest goal that you desire to meet as an author?
With the world and publishing changing everyday my only goal is to write well. With luck and practice some entertainng stories will hopefully emerge. Though I wouldn't say "no" to any big paychecks.
Me: Why do you write?
I can't help it. I've tried not to write. And then I'm horrible to live with. You can ask my husband! Writing is my way of processing the world. It's also my way of rewriting the world as I'd like it to be.

Me: The best book you've ever read?
House of Mirth.
Me: How often do you visit the library? The book store?
Lately, I've been reading everything off my smart phone.
Me: What's the last book you bought? Have you read it yet?
Wonderfully Wicked by C.J. Burright. It comes out soon and I can't wait to read it.

Me: What's the pet of your dreams?
I already have her. Frankie Rose the Bloodhound. She even has her own Kindle book, The Wisdom of the Buddhist Bloodhound
Me: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Are you kidding? One thing? That's just cruel. I'd like to work out daily, drop twenty pounds, settle on a hair color, add perfect highlights to that, write more, spend more time with girlfriends, lobby to have a National Shopping Day, speak a second language and learn to cook. I'd also like some world travel thrown in!

Me: Five deserts that make your mouth water.
Any combination of the three main food groups: chocolate, peanut butter and coconut.

Me: Oh yeah, the MAIN foodgroups. :) What's the most complicated meal you've ever cooked?
My husband does all the cooking in our house. But that doesn't mean I don't get to suggest meals. One of my favorite creations is Diamond Head Bread. That's an artisian spelt-flour banana loaf with finely chopped dried mangos, papayas and pineapple with macadamia nuts. It's really good.

Me: What are you wearing right at this moment?
Me: Where are you right now?
At my desk, the sun is about to set, my Bloodhound is gnawing on a pork chewie and stinking up the room.
Me: What do you think is the most important thing in life?
Respect. Most of us never get or give enough of it. Even to ourselves. If we treat ourselves with respect, then it's easier to give it to others.

Me: Well put, lady! What's the best thing that could happen to you on an isolated island?
Zac Efron. Shirtless. We'll start with that.
Me: I hope your husband isn't reading this then. *wink* If you could take a day off from your everyday life, where would you go?
That isolated island in the previous question!
Me: Um hmm. We all want our own isolated island it seems :) Thank you Jamie for being a guest at YA Story Teller! I had a great time!
Oh, these were amazing questions! Thank you for the opportunity to guest at your blog!
 About Jamie Brazil's newest book:

Title: Oni the Lonely
Genre: YA paranormal


Mari Kato, 16, wants what everyone else her age wants: a driver's license. Too bad a family curse, passed on by her Japanese-born Buddhist dad, who claims to be thousands of years old, transforms Mari into a flesh-eating Oni demon when she feels frustrated (like every time she gets behind the wheel). But when her geologist mom moves their vegan-lifestyle-obsessed family to Rock Creek, Mari stumbles upon the gates of Hell and a mining company plundering its depths. Add in an evil cheerleader determined to steal Mari's first boyfriend and plunge the Earth into eternal darkness. Suddenly getting the keys to the car isn't as important as saving the world. Totally dealable... if she can find the courage to reveal her demon self.

The book can be found on amazon:

Who is Jamie Brazil:

Jamie Brazil is a lifelong morning person who is happiest when the sun is rising. She met her husband at a writing conference in 2000 and they’ve penned books and screenplays together ever since. Jamie is one of the Janes of See Jane Publish and a regular contributor to Oregon Book Report.
When Jamie isn’t writing romance and adventure, she has worked on U.S.-based television productions with foreign film crews. Her most recent project, a 2013 documentary featuring famed enka vocalist Yashiro Aki for NHK television.
Musicals, character-driven fiction, and morning dew on her Bloodhound’s whiskers are three of Jamie’s favorite things.