Friday, May 9, 2014

Blog Tour: (Interview) Synchrony by Cindy Ray Hale

Hello my lovely readers. Today is my stop of the blog tour for Synchrony (Destiny #2) by Cindy Ray Hale. This blog tour is organized by Lola's Blog Tours. It runs from May 5th till May 25th. The complete schedule can be seen at the website of Lola’s Blog Tours:

So far this series contains 2 books: Destiny (Destiny #1) and Synchrony (Destiny #2)

Synchrony (Destiny #2)

By Cindy Ray Hale

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Age category: Young Adult

Release Date: April 8, 2014


When her parents discover she’s been sneaking out with Isaac Robinson, the forbidden Baptist boy, Mormon girl Destiny Clark decides it’s time to keep their relationship quiet. As their relationship moves to shakier ground, Destiny discovers that Isaac has a terrible secret, and she is left completely shattered.

The moment Destiny feels all hope is lost, Preston Nelson, her longtime church friend and Isaac's bitter rival, arrives like a beacon of light. It isn't long before two separate disasters strike for Preston and Destiny's best friend, Hannah. As Destiny helps them through their issues, she discovers that sometimes the best way to forget about your own problems is to help a friend in need.

Just as her heart begins to mend and her friendship with Preston begins to heat up, Isaac walks back into her life, threatening to rekindle the feelings she’d hoped to bury forever. Will Destiny and Preston find the synchrony they so desperately need, or will she find a way to forgive Isaac and return to his outstretched arms?

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You can also add the third book in this series Harmony to your to-read list already:

SPECIAL FEATURE: Interview with Cindy Ray Hale

Me: Hi Cindy! It's great to finally have you here at YA Story Teller. So tell me, what prompted you to write a book about religious differences?

Cindy: It was all I knew growing up. Just like Destiny I was a young Mormon girl going to a Baptist school. I dealt with a lot of issues similar to what she went through.

Me: Do you think love between different religious groups is possible?

Cindy: Of course it’s possible! It’s not the same for everyone and there are definitely issues involved, but it’s similar to marrying someone of a different race, culture, or background. There will most definitely be additional trials these couples will face, but nothing that can’t be overcome.

Me: What does writing give you?

Cindy: Writing makes me come alive. When I’m not fighting off writer’s block, that is.

Me: If you were given the chance to take the place of one Fairy Tale character, who would that be?

Cindy: Cinderella. I love her rags to riches story!

Me: How often do you visit the library? What was the last book you checked out?

Cindy: Before I was a book reviewer I went about once every three weeks. Now that I review books I go much less frequently because I’m so back up on Netgalley copies and books I’m reviewing for fellow authors. The last book I checked out was The Distance Between Us by Kasie West, which by the way, was fabulous.

Me: Where would a person find you usually?

Cindy: At home writing on my laptop with my little guy playing next to me.

Me: What's the scariest thing you've ever done?

Cindy: My husband took me canyoneering  at Zion National Park in southern Utah. It was a mixture of hiking, rock climbing, rock hopping, rappelling, and swimming. It was terrifying. The worst part was where I lowered myself over a 200 foot cliff and rappelled down next to a waterfall. I’ve never been so terrified before the rappel in my life.

Me: Do you have a pet? What kind? For how long? (if the answer is no, would you tell us about your dream pet? or a past one?

Cindy: I don’t have a pet now, but when I was little I had a german shepherd named Honey. She was the best, most obedient dog ever.

Me: Tell us about one place that you absolutely can't miss seeing in your life.

Cindy: England. I’m dying to go!

Me: What are you wearing right now? The truth, please. :)

Cindy: A Hollister t-shirt and jeans.