Sunday, January 26, 2014 && some news!!!

Hey guys,

I just joined LibraryThing and was wondering what you can say about your experience with it. If you have any, that is. Is it better than Goodreads? Worse?

I myself don't think I like the visual side of things. GR seems to be a bit more cleaned up, organized and user-friendly.

I did import all my books, some with no ISBN (I wonder why that is...), and I can look at others' reviews, but for some reason I can't find it in me to want to post there. Perhaps I'm too used to Goodreads and the difference intimidates me....


Another topic

I got invited to do an internship kind of thing with Booktrope Publishing for a major project they've got going on with Kenneth G. Bennet. You've no idea who that is? He's the author of The Gaia Wars duology.

His next book, a sci-fi thriller novel Exodus 2022 is coming out in May and I'll be on the team to promote it and stuff!! I'm so incredibly excited, you've no idea!

Right now, the guys are still working on the cover, and I'll be experimenting with ideas for a book trailer and a countdown widget as soon as the cover is done. SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

By the way, this cover for Exodus is just a place holder. Like I said, the artist and team are still working on the actual one.

Read more about Ken and his books on his site