Saturday, January 25, 2014

Book review: Impostor by Susanne Winnacker

NOTE: I received this title via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

When I requested Impostor, I was a little worried that it'd turn out just like all other books where special kids are used in governmental agencies to spy or do other covert things. But I thought I'd check it out just in case. 'Cuz you know, X-Men reference and what not sort of called to me.

Then I started reading it and it pulled me in right away, which is pretty good and not all that common.

I liked the easy going writing style, how realistic everything seemed even though we're talking paranormal activity here.

The story wasn't anything original - I mean special girl needs to go all spy in a city with a criminal, and is in love with a guy she can't have - but I honestly didn't mind it. It was nice, there was a mystery, some action, internal turmoil and lots of drama. And of course the romance - forbidden it may be, but it was even more delicious.

Now the characters. The main ones were all Variants, i.e. with special abilities. They were supposed to investigate several murder cases in a small town in Oregon and so they had to infiltrate the family of the last victim - a high school girl. Tessa, a variant with the abilities to transform physically like any person she touches is shipped off to gather clues.

Tessa is a nice girl with secret crush on a forbidden team member - Alec, who's got a secret that I still can't figure out. Anyway, Tessa likes her Variation, until she has to impersonate a dead girl and fool the family of the victim that Madison has returned from the dead. But Tessa starts to feel that she can lose herself in this new character she's supposed to play. Because her new family is kind to her, and she actually feels the same for them. The question is, can she follow her mission through and does she even want to? Can she figure out who is the murderer without endangering herself or the people who think she is their daughter?

Alec is obviously attracted to Tessa, but geez, something doesn't add up with those two. There's the can't, not the don't want, which makes it even more intriguing to figure out. So, Alec is hot stuff. He trains the Variants in strength and agility - which are his Variations. He's got some internal struggle, and a mania to keep Tessa safe.

Kate is Alec's "half", who reads the minds of females. She's mean and a total bad-ass. I think, in a way, I liked her. She was tough and ready to go help a girl in danger.

Devon is Madison's brother. He knows nothing about Variations, but he's smart, and easily figures out that he isn't just an ordinary guy. Of course, he had to experience some ... events... before he figured it out, but still. It didn't take him long.

If you're in the X-man kind of super powers thing, this book is for you.

My rating is