Tuesday, January 7, 2014

An appeal to Cassandra Clare

Dear Ms. Clare,

I just finished reading Clockwork Princess and the emotional turmoil that it evoked in me was quite unbearable. Unfortunately, my poor sadistic self likes it that way. The pain, the sweet love, the disappointment, the satisfaction are all part of the intricately woven story that I as a reader love immersing myself in.

However, even though I've read all your published works, even though my heart has been torn open and then barely stitched back together, even though I'd been introduced to a world of incredible characters and places, I still yearn for one thing. I have not witnessed, as a reader, the parabatai ritual, and I really want to. I bet I'm not the only one either.

So, I guess I'm asking that you take your time to describe one such ceremony in the next series you write. You cannot deny such a request, I think, since you have given wings to your readers' imaginations and lives in an unforgettable fashion.

Thank you!

And to my readers I'd like to say this: if you want to see the parabatai ritual, how it changes a person, how it splits the soul just so... Leave a comment so I can add your name to the petition! Spread the word too, so we can send a long list to a beloved author!