Thursday, January 24, 2013

Book rant: Uses for Boys

Hi everyone! I have barely logged on in the past couple of weeks. Those who stick around know the reason - my baby girl needs to be taken care of. :)

Anyway, even if I don't blog regularly, I still read books, hoping that I'd get the time to write their reviews. I've got a bunch that need reviewing, but instead of doing that, I'm about to rant about a book I just couldn't finish. And it was a book I'd really anticipated! It's this one:

and I really really wanted it to be just a good ol' contemp YA romance story. But it wasn't. It was a huge disappointment. And not only that, it made me feel disgusted.

"Seriously?" You may ask, because, perhaps you were really waiting for it too. Cuz just... look at the cover!

Yeah, the cover is fabulous, but the inside... the pages... well, they're not.

I actually liked the beginning, and thought that it would be a good story with a moral or something. So I read on, till I reached about page 40. That's when my eyes bugged out, and I turned off the kindle, wondering what I had just read. You know, perhaps I'd not seen right, not read right.

I turned on the kindle later, but nope, those paragraphs were still there. And I felt dirty, like perhaps I'd feel if I were to watch pedo porn. Yeah. You read my words right.

And check this out! I deleted the book from the kindle, but a few days later decided to give it another go. You know, perhaps out of curiosity ( a little) and also because I'd requested the book and didn't want to end up not giving feedback. So, I downloaded it again on my phone. I skipped those particular disturbing scenes, and went on ahead to perhaps page 60 or something. And I had to once again delete the book and just decide to forget about it.


Goodness gracious! A fourteen-year old having sex, and us being given the details of it as if this was an ADULT book is not only gross, it's wrong. And then said girl being raped... and her thinking that the guy had been in love with her.... it's just mental. I think there's something wrong with the author. I'm sorry. It's my own opinion.


So, the story may get absolutely fantastic in the end, and the girl may end up living her happily ever after, but like every story, this one also had a beginning and a middle. And honestly, if the middle grosses me out and makes me want to puke and just delete it from my device, then what good is a good ending?

To be honest, I don't recommend this book. At all. To anyone. And most of all teenage girls. It's just disgusting. At least you'd find it so if you are like me. If you're really hard core, then go ahead and try it. Perhaps you'd feel there was a point to it all.

Anyway, this is definitely NOT A REVIEW.  It's just my own rant. So yeah.