Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Snowy Thursday & Review: Revealing Eden

Good morning, my dear stalkers!! :))
Thank you for increasing your numbers every day. It thrills me to know that I have come to 70+ followers in under two months :)) All of you are so precious to me!!
Aaand, since you guys make me extremely happy, I'm going to share with you a photo from outside my office window.  We're in a one-story building, and the back yard has several small trees (plum and cherry) that are now snowy trees :))


It snowed almost all night and it's still snowing now. We have like 20 cm of nice fluffy snow cover :)) I can't wait for lunch break LOL

Anyways, I also wanted to let you know that my review of Victoria Foyt's "Revealing Eden" is now available here.

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