Friday, January 23, 2015

National Readathon Day

I'm not very sure how many of you know that tomorrow (January 24th) is National Readathon Day. To be honest, for the reader I am it's a shame I didn't know either. This was brought to my attention last week, when this amazing lady from Casper mattresses contacted me.

At first I thought - what on earth? I don't review products other than books! Lady, you got the wrong person here. But then I read the full contents of her e-mail, and I got pretty excited. She didn't want me to review a mattress, though I think I'm sort of hooked on the idea now - she wanted me to write about books!

This is what she had in mind:

We believe that bedtime is the best time, especially when you're in the middle of a good book. I've definitely woken up with pages stuck to my face before! To celebrate National Readathon Day this month, we want to know what books you have piled up on your nightstand. Which books are on your 2015 reading list? Have you ever found a book wedged between you and your mattress?

So here's what I have to say:

I have a TON of books on my TBR list, but I can't share them all, so here are the top three:

I don't usually read in bed, as my toddler shares the bedroom with us still and her bedtime is a bit different, but sometimes I have woken with my kindle or phone somewhere on my pillow or under the covers.