Thursday, August 7, 2014

Doomsday and other unimportant stuff

Okay, so this isn't a post about The doomsday that you probably thought of when you saw the title. It's not about a comic, or a movie.. it's about my impending first author interview that I'm planning to do over Skype.

Yeah, if you're following this blog, you've read my previous post about the new feature I'm offering to authors. Honestly though, this would be a huge challenge for me. Why?

Because I'm an introvert.

Whatever, right? But this is a huge deal for me. I hope I don't start stuttering or something. Then I'm gonna have to upload that embarrassing interview for all of you to listen to. I bet y'all would laugh over my failed attempts at sounding cool.

Or not. I don't really think my audience is made of bullies, so let's hope I'm right.

This post is so that I get you updated on how I'm planning to record the interview. Like I mentioned, I'll be using Skype, so I had to go look up any info on Skype call recorders. And you know what? There are very great apps out there! Thank you tech people!

Here's a great site to reference, if you'd like to know more.

I don't think you care which app I've chosen to use, but let me tell you anyway. I'll either go for the Pamela app or the MP3 Skype Recorder. If they work fine, then I'll be very happy.