Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New promo opportunity at YA Story Teller

Hello my lovely friends!

This summer I was struck by an awesome idea. At least I think it's awesome.

Have you noticed how written interviews could become boring after a while? Well I certainly have, and this is why I want to do something different. I'd like to record my interviews. Of course, not everyone would be willing to be recorded, but I think there will be the occasional brave soul to do it. And I don't just mean authors. Anyone who has something to say about books is welcome to send me an e-mail (my address is at my contact page) and we can discuss dates/times/topics.

This won't be a podcast kind of thing though. It will be completely random, in a come-serve basis. And I'm thinking of calling those posts "LISTEN: (insert person's name here) is speaking". Or something like that.

I'll be mentioning this opportunity as things progress, to keep you all updated.

Big thanks to all brave souls out there!