Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dante Walker collected me too :)

The Collector (Dante Walker, #1)

NOTE: I received the eARC from Netgalley.

Can I say that I really enjoy reading about hot snarky reapers? I really do. Starting with Tod and then Finn and now Dante, I just can't get enough! Their stories are, of course, way different, but the guys are all strikingly swoon worthy, and it makes you want more and more, and ... more.

So, here we meet Dante. He's a collector, a.k.a., a reaper for the bad guy. He calls him Bossman, which is funny, really. God here is referred to as Big Guy. And that was just hilarious! I cracked up laughing the first time I read it. Anyway. Dante's voice is bright and strangely compelling. As the narrator, it's easy to get a hang of his thoughts and emotions and the way they change as the events unfold. He's spent the last two years working for downstairs(as he calls it) and he hasn't regretted a single second of it. In fact, he largely enjoys it.

Until, of course, he meets Charlie Cooper. (more)