Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Book review: Accidents & Incidents by Riley Graham

Summary from Goodreads:
Sometimes finding love means taking the scenic route ... Living with her faultfinding mother has taught Leslie not to ask for much. Just watch your step, stay on the sidelines, and take what you can get. But she wants a mom who thanks her for cleaning the kitchen instead of yelling at her for missing a spot, and a boyfriend who does more than score her a seat at the popular table-someone who actually notices her sitting there. So when Cain, the school heartbreaker, turns his Carolina blue eyes her way, Leslie can't help but be tempted, even if he's her boyfriend's best friend. Things get even more complicated when Leslie strikes up unlikely friendships with Meredith, Cain's girlfriend, and Dennis, a boy addicted to cigarettes and solitude. Despite his tough exterior, Dennis seems to understand Leslie in a way that no one ever has, and to need her as much as she needs him. For the first time in her life, Leslie feels like she could belong. She's just not sure where.
NOTE: I received this title via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

I'm not sure I expected anything at all from this novel. I wanted it to be good, of course, but I didn't start up with any inner feeling in mind. I'm glad it was so, because at least I wasn't disappointed.

I didn't see how the title had anything to do with this no-action story. It implied that something was to happen, but well... nothing did and that - combined with the slow development of events - completely lost my interest. It's actually a miracle I didn't put it down half-way through.

Writing style:
It was pretty fluent and clean and I could tell the author was well versed.

Story line:
In my opinion, that's where the major weakness was. Several times I felt compelled to just not finish because it really lead nowhere. It was excruciatingly slow to develop and quite painful to follow. No twists and turns, no action, no sweet romance. It was just some story.

-parental neglect in different stages
-dealing with loss
-teenage romance - fleeting or true?

Dennis was the new guy with the secrets, who never ever took the initiative to show his 'obvious' feelings to Leslie. To be honest, I'm not sure why anyone thought Dennis even had any feelings for her. He merely swapped a couple of sentences with her every now and then.

Keith was a non-consequential character. Leslie's ex-boyfriend, who kind of cheated on her. I'm not sure why so much attention was paid to him or why Leslie was with him to begin with. The only thing they did was fight.

Cain was the resident flirt. Bad boy to the core, it was outside of my understanding why all the girls wanted to be in a relationship with him when it was obvious he was not going to be faithful.

Leslie was the most insecure character I've ever met. She could never ask for something she wanted, but then she was always complaining how things didn't work out the way she wanted. Well, grow a backbone and start doing your own thing, geez!

Meredith was one more girl who didn't give herself enough credit. Being Cain's girlfriend must've been tough. Yet she endured, for whatever reason. I didn't understand why she'd make herself miserable like that. Perhaps she liked being hurt?

In Conclusion:
I don't know who to recommend this book to since I didn't enjoy it at all. Perhaps readers who don't crave for action and twists? I don't know. 
My rating is: