Monday, October 14, 2013

Book Review: Allure by Lea Nolan


NOTE: I received the book through Netgalley. Thanks a bunch to the Entangled Teen team!

Conjure, the first book in The Hoodoo Apprentice series was something really refreshing and I ended up really intrigued by it. Which is why, I had to have Allure and review it for you guys. I had grand expectations for it, and I'm happy to say that I wasn't disappointed.

Allure was as thrilling, as full of adventure, dark magic and pure love as Conjure was and let me tell you - you won't regret picking it up. It continues the story of Emmaline and Jack Guthrie and their friend Cooper Beaumont.

Unlike Conjure however, everything has intensified at least a dozen times over. Cooper's time is running out and the nearer his birthday comes, the more the Beaumont's curse seems to take toll on him. Then there's the private investigator who is sniffing around Miss Delia, concerning a certain mortar and dagger that had disappeared from the local Museum. Mix in Tannea (Miss Delia's absolutely outrageous great-granddaughter) and the bowl of misfortunes is almost complete. I say almost because there are a bunch of other twists and turns that came right at me, leaving me baffled. I kept on asking myself "What on earth just happened?" numerous times. In the good way.

I was happy to see that fourteen year old Emma has grown in character. She is stronger and more sure of herself. And her heart is beating with love for Cooper. Good thing is, it is now reciprocated. There was a certain thing I didn't like about Emma though. She wasn't assertive at all. A whole ton of questions kept on piling in her mind, but she never even tried looking for answers. There were a bunch of clues too, but she just never acted. I know she's just 14, but if she is to mess with the forces of darkness/nature/whatever, a certain shrewdness would be necessary.

Jack was definitely nicer, seeing that his skin wasn't falling off in this installment. And Connor... he was really sweet until.. well, until whatever had to happen happened.

Packed up with a slight edge of humor, lots of thrilling adventures, realistic characters who grow with each step they take, Allure is a read that would keep you up at night.

My rating is 4/5

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  1. Lea Nolan is the ONLY authoress who can make me believe a 15 year-old can drive his father's car without question. THAT is magic!


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