Tuesday, November 13, 2012

In her shoes ~ 32 ~

Every Tuesday I will pick a character I've read about recently, perhaps even the week before, and try putting myself in her shoes. What things would I do differently? What have I learned from her behavior? That kind of thing. You are welcome to participate if you want, just please link back, so we could build a nice community of followers. Thanks!!! :)

The last book I got to read was The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa. In fact, I just finished it last night, and I can say it was amazing. I still need to write my review though.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you the character of Kenzie (MacKenzie) St. James, who happened to stumble upon the world of Ethan Chase, the Iron Queen (Meghan Chase's) brother. Ever since Kenzie made it her business to get to know Ethan better, her world turned by 180 degrees.

The normal world that she was used to living in was replaced by the world of the fey. In the beginning, it appeared that Kenzie wasn't at all shocked by the strangeness, that she took everything normally. But truth was, she was terrified, even if curious and ready to explore at the same time. Still though, she didn't show her freight, she didn't show her inner fears.

Kenzie was brave and ready to risk her own life for the good of others. Even if those others had hurt her, she still did her best to help out and put herself out there for them. I was simply impressed by her openness and generous nature and love for the beautiful things in the world.

Whose shoes would you like to step into this week?


  1. She sounds like a very nice person. I have this from Netgalley, and I really need to dig into it. Thanks a lot for sharing! Shoe's I stepped into this week

  2. Kenzie sounds like an adorbs character. I love it when the kind nature of a character shines through in a novel. Thanks so much for sharing :)

    My In Her Shoes post this week.


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